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    Gastric Cancer

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      Hi Sherbear, I searched our database of members for stage IV stomach cancer and I find 37 people listed on the site. Here is a link to the results, if you click on this you will be able to see all of them and stop by their pages and ask each a question if you want.

      over 7 years ago
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      My Mom found out on May 1st that her gastric cancer has now spread to same areas as your brother in law. She was diagnosed last July , partial gastrectomy done last August and has been doing chemo since Sept 2012. She had been on a feeding tube until Oct 2012; she drinks Ensure and also Carnation instant breakfast daily; she had put on weight in fact but since latest PET Scan of cancer progression , has been losing weight. I agree with Carmen about whether TPN has been brought up by his Dr???
      Initially my Moms Oncologist told us that with treatment, she survival time would be 6 to 9 months but that's " an estimate" ATTITUDE and WILL plays a major role in everyday living whether one is terminal or not, in my opinion.....I wish your brother in law luck as well as the rest of his family. Do keep us posted please!!

      over 7 years ago
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      Go to nestle nutritional sciences web site, They have a lot of products with high calorie values and high protein . No one told me about them, I had to find it myself. Really helpful people when I called too. This is not the same as the ensure or boost you vet at the store. I hope it can help your brother in law
      Benecal can go into shakes, mashed potatoes, soups, whatever you can mix it into.

      almost 7 years ago
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