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    stage 4 lung cancer

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      Please contact your oncologist today and be seen ASAP. Please be assured of our thoughts and prayers. God bless!

      over 7 years ago
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      If I understood your wall he is positive for an EGFR mutation? Exon 19,20 or 21.

      This means he has a good chance to respond to Tarceva or other EGFR drugs in the pipeline. There are people with 100% responce for more than 7 years on Tarceva with an excellant quality of life. Still working etc.

      You need to be at a Lung Cancer facility with experts in LC but it sound slike you are so meet with them and see what the treatment plan looks like. Stay calm and have hope. There is good reason to be hopeful.

      All the best,

      over 7 years ago
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      wow my husband has stage 4 age 52 metastasis to brain and lymph nodes.

      about 7 years ago
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