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    Question: Clinical trials

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    Sending great strength! I battled it in 2011-12. This can be beat. Never give up your hope. I'm 66 years old, now. They removed my left lower lobe, then proceeded to use radiation and chemo. It was hard, but it can be done. Be a warrior!

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      Starting round 4 of chemo today, thank you shineon6

      about 1 month ago
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    Hello, I too am a small cell lung cancer survivor. I was diagnosised in 2011, they removed my lower left lobe and said all done! You'll be skiing by February. Two weeks later, I received a call; the pathology found small cell in some nodes. I completed rounds of chemo and radiation. Took awhile to get back to my self. The deemed me cured in 2014. It is hard to believe, and makes for a very alert watchdog to anything new in my body. But, I've done well. Last June, I was able to walk a nine hole golf course, play most of the holes and drag my car behind me. Since then I've been dealing with vocal chord dysfunction. I'm finally making headway. I'm 65, also.
    Be a warrior, be determined you are stronger than Cancer, and defeat it! This group is always here to support you!

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    Thanks for supporting others by answering questions, offering advice and positive wishes! It does make a difference for them to see that other people have been there and are doing OK.

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    Sending good wishes!! I was diagnosed in September 2011. It was a great battle, but I won. You can to. Be strong, be brave, it is so worth it. I'm 65 now and leading a life I enjoy. All my best to you and your doctors!

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      thank you,
      I found out my diagnosis it is small cell carcinoma, the biggest debate is whether to do treatment locally or go to Vanderbilt where I got the biopsy.
      Did you do yours with local drs in a small town?

      4 months ago
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      I was diagnosed in a pretty small community. I went to University of Chicago for the removal of my left lobe. The pathology came back 2 weeks later that some small cell cancer cells had been found. The U of C team came up with a plan and then an associate of theirs, in my area, was able to fulfill the radiation and chemo formula. We were prepared to travel every day to Chicago for treatment. Keep in mind there have been some big break throughs in the last few years. If you cannot get the most effective treatment at home, I'd consider being near Vanderbilt. I may have just been very lucky that my oncologist worked at three different hospitals. U of C being one of them! I'm here for you.... ask away!

      4 months ago
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