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    My daughter is 4 months planned:}pregnant and was told after an vaginal exam they found a visable tumor in and outside of the cervix. After mri they said it is 2cm and the sample showed endocarcinoma stage 1B and grade 2. Another more intence exam and sampel was taken with saddle bag numbness and they said they were not totally sure it was this because there was a missing 3rd link when seen under microscope.
    So they put here under and took the tumer and 1cm of the cervix out and checked it and still was not sure, so they did not continue and do a complete hystorectomy. They then took 4 days to examin it and came back with that it was endocarcinoma and that they saw this up and down pattern, and they recomended a complete hystorectomy:( I am concerned due to the uncertanty they have been and would like to know what standard treatment and danger statisticly there is to try and save this planned baby:)
    My daughter is first priority:) of coure, but we are in Norway and I just want to know if they are more advanced or have better treatment in the usa??? We are americans, but are here do to family. This just happened 1 month ago here. And she was sent to Bergen for this. They plan to operate comlete hystorectomy on thursday in Bergen. Is this standard for this stage/grade/type of cancer? Also since they have take all or part away, can this agravate it to spread? I asked about taking another MRI to see if they got it all and they said they couldnt do that because scar tissue after the sergery looks like cancer???? It has taken 1 month since they saw and dignosed this?? They say its very special? It looks and acts like this cancer but they had this missing link after taking out under surgery a larger sample???
    If you can help me with my questions asap I would really appretiate it.....
    Our life has been turned upside down:(
    She is my only child 32 married to a great guy planned pregnancy and then THIS:(

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      I sent you my personal contact information to your personal email address, Carm.

      over 8 years ago
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      BUT on the paperwork the cancer is spelled : adenocarcinom Not endocarcinom
      Can this be different or the same???
      I got your number and will call morning your time:)
      So greatfull for your responses:)

      over 8 years ago
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      Adenocarcinom means cancer of an organ. Endocarcinom means insde layer. Either way, it has involved the cervix not just top layers.

      over 8 years ago
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    Oh No (adenocarcinoma cervical cancer and 4 months planned pregnancy): I cant believe my wonderful daughter has cervical cancer:(
    Is there anyone who has had this situation that could help with what treatment they recieved?
    My daughter has been told she has stage 1b adenocarcinoma cervical cancer and they say she should have complete hystorectamy:( She is 4 months pregnant and they have been uncertain on two tests about the type of cancer until they went in and took the 2cm tumor and 1cm of the cervix out and checked it. Does anyone have the same experience and what treatment????besides hystorectomy with safe statistics?
    Please let me know?????
    Desperate mom:(

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