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    Good luck and prayers are with you

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    What happens if cancer comes back?

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      Hi, I apologize to everyone...I never filled anything on me, my cancer, treatments..etc. I WILL rectify that next week! Anyway, It has been 1 year since I have had surgery to remove the tumor from my palate. I had adenoid cystic carcinoma;the minor salivary glands. Then 36 radiation treatments from July through September...last week I had a CT and it showed "possible tumor reoccurrence " and today I had 2 biopsies. So..now I wait for results.
      I'm hoping its scar tissue. I am still healing..there are 2 small fistulas left in my palate that are healing. I had surgery end of January to try to close the fistulas. It has not happened and my surgeon is saying another more aggressive surgery with a flap will have to be done once my palate has healed more. Although now...who knows..he sats once the results are back the tumor board will review and he will call me on Wednesday.
      So I am waiting...praying.
      I have pictures I will upload also next week of my healing process after surgery and throughout radiation.
      I definitely agree with what the others have said...live, enjoy life, and gandle things as they come up. The less stress and anxiety you have to deal with the better

      5 months ago
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      Like so many have said - don't think about the possibility your cancer might return.
      Instead - live your life for now. Enjoy every day. Do what you want to do. Try something new that you've always wanted to try.
      My mother used to tell us - 'don't play What If'.
      I'm coming up on my 5 year mark this year. The time has gone fast. I've grown in so many ways too.
      I don't even think about cancer much anymore. It came, it went. And, if attitude has anything to do with it, it's never coming back!

      4 months ago
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      I have several recurrences. You question has a simple answer: you fight. If the cancer comes back, you fight. Or you give up. Which sounds better to you?

      4 months ago
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    Other Care (Home care): My husband would feed me through my feeding tube and make sure I got to all my appointments.

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      My husband was great about that too! Also he always stayed with me when I had to stay in the hospital. And he was there when my sister was dying. I had to work & didn't qualify for FMLA. I know it was hard for him, but he was great!

      5 months ago
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    Decision Point (The pain was so bad): I decided to stop fighting the pain and told GOD if he was ready to take me, I was at peace with that. From that point on the pain got better.

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    Loss (could not eat): I lost a year of my life and my daughters life. she was two years old. I was on so much pain meds I cannot remember anything of her life then.