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    Question: Procrit

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    The information from BarbarainBham was very solid in recommending Cleveland and Columbus. There is another possible option in Dayton/Centerville area. The web site is hormonebalance.org. Dr. Glaser has helped me, but my breast cancer was only a Stage I. I am receiving testosterone implants every 12 weeks. She also has me on a strict diet similar to geekling. No matter what you choose, I hope you can get some relief.

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      Thanks,will look that up as well,Dayton is 45 min from me,great!

      6 months ago
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    P. S. If you want a taller cake, use a bottom layer of (presoaked or germinated) walnuts and a quarter cup of grapes and a teeny dash of good salt all blended together. Doesnt need to be quite as smooth as the top layer.

    Just as with the fruit, nut/seed combinations can vary.


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    Thanx! Sure, lol, just for you. I wrote a book about preparing raw & living food which includes about 200 recipes and snacks. In the book, the recipies are laid out with an ingredient list and simple directions.

    If you ever have interest:


    Other than that, soak 3 cups of 'white' nuts in water until they plump up. Can be cashews or Brazil nuts or macadamia or any combo thereof. Discard the water once they plump up. You can put these softened nuts into a Vitamix or a food processor or a big Ninja container. Add the juice of a lime. Add 3 tablespoons of "young" coconut meat. This is the gel which forms (will eventually become hard coconut meat) inside a water coconut. I buy them at WFs or an Asian market or a local flea market (I am in So Fla). Add 3 tablespoons of coconut water (or plain filtered water if that is all you have). Plunk in 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla (or use a bit more than 1/2 of a vanilla bean sliced lengthwise to expose the seed). Add 3 tablespoons of honey or coconut nectar (Sometimes I use 3 dates which are soaked in water to cover until they soften & use the sweetened soak water instead of the coconut water). Add a pinch of Redmund or Himalayan salt (unprocessed and with minerals) and blend until it is all smooth.

    Now that it is all smooth add some fruit. At current, I am using papaya (free from the trees) which will turn the mix a very pale orange/yellow. Mix again until all blended smoothly.

    Because I have silicon molds, I was able to slice up a kiwi and drop the sliced into the mold. Then pour and press the nut mixture into the mold making a sort of upside down cake. Then I freeze it. If you dont have molds, use a springform pan. Pour the nut mix into the springform. Arrange kiwi slices on top and freeze. Once frozen, release the springform or remove the silicon mold.

    Keep the cake frozen until you are ready to eat. Unfreeze on counter and cut into wedges. Leftovers can be refrozen and eaten when ready. If you prefer, slice into portions and store that way.

    It is much less complicated than it sounds. The techniques are new but there are only 5 ingredients plus salt and water. You can sit and relax or do something else while the nuts are soaking in a big glass jar and the dates in a smaller jar or glass and once the cake is freezing. Other than those times, when you arent paying attention, it only takes a few minutes to put everything together and near as long to clean up your tools.

    There are endless variations. I made a bat for Halloween using black mulberries and nuts, as example.

    The nuts contain minerals. The fruits contain vitamins and enzymes.

    Best wishes