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    Oh No: Taking a shower and felt the lump. Called Mom, she said don't worry, all of the women in the family have had benign lesions in their breasts over the years, I'm sure that's all it is. SO I waited to get it checked out. I waited until one day in the shower it felt like it had doubled in size. I went to my primary and she immediately sent me for a mammo. Waiting was thre wrong answer because I ended up with aggressive Stage IIB ductal carcinoma w/lymph node involvement. Mom's don't always know best. (sorry Mom, no offense)

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    I was so worried about all you just mentioned. I too had breast cancer. I lost all my hair, could no longer wear my contacts (eyes got too dry from chemo) and my scars from surgery were "yucky". But once I really sat down and evaluated it all I realized I looked pretty cute with the wig the ACS gave me, my husband was very kind and loving about my scars and I got a brand new sexy pair of eyeglasses. There is a solution for everything if you look into it. Cancer treatment takes away all of your natural beauty temporarily but its still locked up inside you...take the effort to bring it out and you will feel so much better. Best wishes to you.

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    Just finished my chemo 3 weeks ago and had my medi-port removed yesterday. Getting ready to start radiation any day now.

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      Radiatiion should be much easier on you than the chemo was. It usually is for most people. congrats on finishing your first leg of treatments. Let us know how your doing, and ask questions if you need.

      over 9 years ago