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    Clinical Trial (Currently on NRG-009): After 2 reoccurance of ovarian cancer clear cell I began a clinical trail. So far has been hard but I am responding well. I got 20% reduction in 2 small tumors in just 2 months. Getting ready for another scan I will keep you all posted. So I get Doxil, Avastin, Tecentriq ( immunotherapy )

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      Thanks for sharing. I have had friends on Doxil with varying results and a friend who has been on Avastin and doing well so far. Have not heard about Tecentriq but think it is great they are trying immunotherapy now and adding to the arsenal of weapons to fight this crappy disease. Wishing you continued success with your clinical trial and yes, keep us posted on your progress. Sending wheelbarrows of support and a hug.

      over 2 years ago