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    My redneck ways have finally caught up to me. Drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. I was diagnosed on 8/20 with T1N0M0 Squamous of the tonsil, right side.My doctor says I caught it early, so early that he has only seen four or five cases such as mine. I am working with Wellspring Oncology in Pinellas Park Florida, Dr Franceze and team. My primary Oncologist is Dr Tim Dunlevy through Pasadena Hospital. Surgery and chemotherapy have been ruled out and we are going to do radiation only, four weeks of once a day, three weeks of twice a day.

    Next week the whole treatment process begins. Monday has a CT scan, Tuesday an MRI. I've been to the dentist already and need to have two wisdom teeth removed, however I have to find an oral surgeon that is available next week. Then I have an appointment with a specialist concerning saliva preservation medicine and some other shot that does something that causes nausea. It was at that point that I got lost in the whole process.

    So here I am at the beginning of this journey. My manager at work has been through this recently with his wife's breast cancer and has mu back. He has told me not to worry about my job which is a big one off my mind. Fortunately I can work from home as I do systems support for corporate customers. Money is not really an issue, while I can afford it, I have access to money/personal loan through my parents. I have done this a few times with my wife's dentures, a boat loan for myself, so that is not an issue. My wife has decided that she will quit smoking as I have, so there is no problem there. So all in all, I think I'm in pretty good shape.

    So why the XXX am I freaking out on the inside about this whole XXX thing? Its got to be the unknown about the upcoming treatment and the side effects and anger that I have with myself for doing the stupid crap that has caused this, smoking and drinking. Quitting smoking isn't a big deal, but XXX I love coming home and drinking my beer, albeit Nati-light.

    The other thing that concerns me is the pain. Up until a few weeks ago, aspirin was containing the pain just fine. In the last two weeks it has gotten worse and my doctor gave me Vicodin 7.5/500, what ever that means. It says one to two every four hours, but that has not been enough. I went through 60 pills in ten days and have refilled for another 60 yesterday. I had to take four this morning so I could just eat. I'm concerned about getting hooked on the things. I have had that Oxycontin stuff for a tooth extraction some months ago but couldn't handle the nausea and just went back to Vicodin, didn't even use them all. My wife got mad when I flushed the remaining pills due to lack of pain.

    Its Saturday and I am watching Auburn and UL-Monroe, better game than I would have thought. The wife is at work and I am struggling with a XXX set XXX that won't come off my Delta Monitor shower lever. Thank you for letting me get this out of me, if indeed anyone reads this and if you know a cheap handy man/plumber in St Pete, let me know.


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      Hi John, I can see that you are understandably going through a difficult time, so I just want you to know we are here for you. If you have any questions, you can post them in our Questions section by clicking on Questions in the purple bar above. We have a lot of people here more than willing to help in any way they can.

      almost 10 years ago
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