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    Hi, SueRae1. I was thinking about you and just wanted to check in. I hope you are hanging in there. Sending prayers and hugs to you.

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    SueRae1 Am so sorry to hear of the latest news but was glad to hear the plus side of the diagnosis. Will be thinking of you and saying a prayer.

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    Oh No (Cancer is back/Recurred ): The pathologyreport on the new node in my lung confirmed it was TNBC. I am having a port put in 7/14 and my first ttreatmenton on 7/15. 2 pluses the nodewas the only thingthat lit up on tthePET' Scan and all my markers are nnormal

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      I'm gonna third that dang! Hope that treatment can batter that node into submission.

      4 months ago
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      Sue Ray isn't there any good news. I will keep you in my prayers.

      4 months ago
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      Dear Sue Ray: the discouragement, fear and disappointment is almost too much to bare with a TNBC recurrence. My heart goes out to you. There is no rhyme or reason to how TNBC maneuvers. Wretched, wretched disease.

      about 1 month ago
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    Procedure or Surgery (Bronchoscopy): I had this procedure to biopsy the new node on my lung. The sedation really made me woozy and knocked me for a loop. This morning, the day after, I'm still tired, and I'm coughing up a minor amount greenish/yellow spittle. I will be taking it easy today as well.

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    Oh No (New Node on lung needs to be biospied ): On the plus side the other lung nodes on my lungs, the quiescent lesions on my liver and the rest of my body (except my brain) did not lite up.