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    My chemo stopped working, pain increased and depression crashed down. I haven't been here for quite a while. Now that I am fighting my way back I find you are MIA. I miss your post and answers. I imagine there are a lot of us here that are in the medical field that don't broadcast it for many reasons. You have always been clear and concise with your information. It might not always have been well received but it is needed. I had an oncologist who told me I would be cancer free after my surgery. It gave my family false hope even though I tried to tell them it doesn't work that way unless a miracle happened. I would rather have blunt honest information than rainbows and fairy tales. You are sorely missed and needed. You can't please all the people all the time, but you can be a very necessary and crucial part of our community here. Please come back

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    Hi Journey, sorry have been dealing with issues and haven't been online for a while. The chemo stopped working so I am now in a clinical trial. The pain had gotten unbearable, couldn't increase the pain meds due to nausea. Had a Celiac bundle branch block yesterday. Feeling some better today. I don't think I can send you my email but will try. It is
    [email redacted]
    I can't promise to answer as I should. It all depends on how I am feeling. Haven't checked email in weeks. Hope yo are ok

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      Sugarshine it doesnt show email we use to email, i am praying for you and all of us,
      do take care were hanging in there,

      almost 9 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy): Gemzar stopped working back in November. Changed to 5FU, cisplatin,irenneci (spelling wrong) and various other. Had a CTScan and found there are two liver mets that have doubled in size in 8 weeks, a spot on my lung they thought was mucus plug, but its still there with no changes so thinks it may be a possible met. It seems like two steps forward, all the other tumors have shrunk to insignificant size, then four steps back. One of the liver mets may be impacting the bile duct. Just when you can smile again terror strikes! I really would like some positive news for my poor family. They are the most fantastic caregivers, go above and beyond what is necessary. With out them I wouldn't have the strength to fight this!

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      It looks like you have quite an adventure huh? Do you have jaundice?

      Dad chose to go with Hospice care. Before that, the last thing the oncologist offered was oxaliplatin, 5-FU, and leucovorin.

      Good luck. Wishing you positive results.

      over 9 years ago
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      No jaundice yet. Still considering options. Going to continue this chemo one more month, reevaluate, then decide. Possible abraxene, radiation, not ready for hospice yet. It took the Gemzar about three months to kick in and start showing results. Taking one day at a time and monitoring for changes and symptoms as things can change so quickly. Thanks for the positive wishes .

      over 9 years ago
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    One of the things I did after surgery I should have done prior is to have my hair cut to a more manageable length. It's is hard to wash and dry it in the hospital and the night sweats sucks. I could not wear a bra, my incision was from the right upper quadrant to the left lower abd since they removed my spleen. Yoga pants and soft flannel pj pants were my clothing of choice. I went no where without my favorite down feather pillow. It helped to splint my abdomen as I walked or sat up straight. I also had a port put in for chemo and scans. Seatbelts hit right at the area where it is placed. A small coushion put between the seatbelt and the port helps with the irritation from the seat belt rubbing. Take heart in the fact it did get much better for me. I found that prayer really helped me and my loved ones. My thoughts are with you, good luck on your journey