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    My good friend was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer last July. It was observed in/on her liver and lymph nodes of the gallbladder. After 4 months of chemo the cancer continues to spread. She has decided not to continue with chemo. How do I support her What do I say? I'm in Europe and she's in Illinois. We communicate through Skype. I was with her when she got the diagnosis and her first chemo treatment.
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      Hi Sunni, that is a tough one. Sometimes it's harder on the caregiver/family/friend than on the patient to take the pschycological part of it.

      You posted this on your home page as an update. Just a tip, if you will repost this in the questions tab at the top of the page it will be seen by everyone on the site, also it gets sent out to people that have a like diagnoses. Try that and you will get a lot of help from the community.

      Thanks for posting and being here.

      Greg P
      Team WhatNext

      over 8 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy

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