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    i have been diagnosed with breast cancer. during a recent mri a mass has been discovered in my lung. waiting for the new CT scan results. then what? i do not know. the waiting to find out how sick i am and what type of treatments i can look forward to are really scaring me. and no one seems to understand how i feel. i feel all alone.

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      You are not alone. We're dealing with stage IV with metastasis from the breast cancer to the bones and lungs. We're undergoing chemo now and, while the scans and blood counts are currently "inconclusive", my wife's energy level and spirits are much higher and her pain level much lower. Even if the chemo doesn't help, there are other options available nationwide, such as PARP inhibitors and there is daily breaking news on t-cell research. The key is to hang in there long enough until there is a cure. We know of stage IV metastatic breast cancer survivors 15 years out and still going strong. Good luck.

      over 9 years ago
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