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    On Nov 7 my husband passed. Thank you all me Next Family for wcerthibg

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      Sorry for your loss. Lots of love and hugs to you....may your husband RIP

      over 6 years ago
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      My condolences and prayers to you and your family.

      over 6 years ago
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      Very sorry for your loss.

      over 6 years ago
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    Dear CAS1,
    I need some help about mutation testing. My husband had 2 surgeries and they have not tested for mutations. I think he is about to have a 3rd surgery. What do I need to ask about mutation testing? Will that be cover by insurance or not? I know you are very knowledgeable about that. Could you help me with that? I was trying to find a list about all the possible mutation that can be tested for, but I couldn't find it.

    Thank you!

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      Dear Survivor
      Depending upon your insurance company you may or may not be covered for mutation testing. No I don't think you will find a "list".
      But I think they are doing more than 280 mutations now. You need to ask the ONC why he/she has not tested for mutations.

      What is the type of LC, what surgeries hav you had done and where is he being treated?

      Call the Lung Cancer Alliance or the Bonnie J Addario foundation and they can exaplin things to you and give you resources as well.

      Let me know what happend. Good luck

      almost 7 years ago
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      Thank you so much for answering me so quick! You are so sweet! He is being treated for neuroendocrine lung cancer. It is not a very common type of cancer, and I think that doctors don't know what to do, even though he is being treated at MD Anderson. He will have a PET scan tomorrow and we will meet with the oncologist on Friday. I will bring up the mutation testing then. We are concern that he has a recurrence right now, so we will find out more information on Friday. I will definitely let you know. Thank you so much!

      almost 7 years ago
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    My husband had 2 surgeries so far. Now he has a vertebra that has been replaced by cancerous growth. But nobody knows for sure because a biopsy hd not been done yet.

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