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    susanz asked a questionNon-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

    Anyone prescribed Neurontin for neoropathy or back pain? What is your experience/side effects of this drug?

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      I've been on Neurontin for years--started using it because I have nerve damage in my left arm (pre cancer). I continue to take it as I think it helps with my neuropathy. When I first started taking it, 100 mg would wipe me out; now I can take 200 mg at a time without getting tired. I think you need to develop a tolerance.

      almost 7 years ago
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      I was on Neurontin for phantom senstions in my stump. I am a right below-the-knee amputee. The drowsiness is an issue and occured the entire time I was on it. I was able to finally discontinue it tho. It did work like a charm tho for me!

      almost 7 years ago
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      I have taken it for many years now and it has been a huge help and a wonder drug for me, It does make me drowsy but it gets easier over time

      over 6 years ago
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    Question: Tumor on spine

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    susanz asked a questionNon-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

    Tumor on spine

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      My husband was dx w/ Lg B cell NHL the end of Oct 2011. It has metastasized to the nerve endings of his L5 & S1 vertabrae. He did 6 rounds of R-CHOP. After the 3rd treatment they did a CT scan and said there where no visible evidence of tumors.

      He still has numbing pain in his left foot and leg where we have to rub to get some circulation into it.

      He now has numbing in his right leg/foot but thinks it is from the vinacristine (one of the chemo drugs)

      We will go next week or a PET Scan to see how well the treatment did for him... We think the dr. will send him to a neurologist next, but we will see :)

      Good luck

      over 7 years ago
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      HI. My husband has cancer in his spine. He was having back pain for over a year, and the doctor told him it was arthritis. Turns out it was DLBCL. He had 14 treatments of radiation to his thoracic and lumbar areas. It has definitely helped his back pain.

      about 7 years ago
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      I had a tumor on my spine, too. A MRI found it on my mom's bday, who died 19 yrs ago. Mine was severve back pains, that wouldn't go away with heat or ice. Then I had charley horse pains on the tops of my legs, that was so severve, that it kept me in bed for a day. Then my PCP advised me to go to Boston, Tufts hospital, where I was diagnoised with Diffuse large b-cell lymphoma. I got started with the chemo right away---R CHOP, and was in the hospital and rehab for 9 and half weeks. I had to learn how to use my legs again, and even now after done w/ chemo 3 months ago (july 2012), i still have tingling in my right foot, and sometimes my left foot, too.

      almost 7 years ago
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    Celebration (6 mos post chemo pet/ct): six months post chemo as of 12/23 my pet/ct is clear. It has been such a long journey since my diagnosis 12/1/10. I do not know which is worse, the 4 day chemo regemin every 3 weeks for six months or the anticipation of each post chemo follow up. Either one is a white knuckler. I just pray and hold on tight.

    I am told that in time, I will just learn to live with "it." I have daily reminder of the removal of a cancerous tumor on my spine and effects of lamenectemy leaving me disabled and in constant pain.

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