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    taste change & chronic fatigue

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      I'm 6 years in remission, no problem with taste, but need to take 2 naps a day...don't really see a problem there...

      3 months ago
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      The taste thing seems to come & go. I found if I nap, i have more trouble sleeping at night. That's why I fight it and just finish my business work on the laptop, but when I'm down for the count, I have to re-check ALL my typing...It's almost like I become dyslexic.

      3 months ago
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      Maybe you have a highly educated palate? The soil in your area is clay and the water sometimes iffy.

      Gardening is a never ending project. If you are tired ... have you been slacking off?

      Instead of clay, where I now am is what they call "sugar sand".. I have been using purchased soil, burying material others usually compost (I am alergic to mold), hauling seaweed for mulch, and trying to conserve rainwater. I bought zeolite (mineral which absorbs crapola in the soil) and azomite (rock dust which has all the nutrients).

      This year I got smarter. I called the local electric company and asked for delivery of wood chips. They come around (unasked) and trim trees a lot. They have to chip the branches and logs. In my area there is no charge for this wonderful mulch.

      But they will not spread it for you. A gf took 3 years to work her pile into her garden. Her place looks great now.

      Her fruit trees are prolific. My first pile will be delivered sometime over the summer so I will have a nice fall garden.

      The layer of chips allows mycellium to form which in turn allows other life to form.

      Im 14 years past treatment and figure I will be so decrepit by the time I am fully recovered that none of it will matter very much.

      When I was weeding, I made one trash bag of weeds per day my goal. It took a hellavalot of days before I got that first trash bag filled. Patience and perserverance are the keys to recovery. I also brushed my teeth a lot and triend new things. Spices are very helpful regarding taste.

      Plant and eat juicy things. I eat half my water. I also like to start my day with a freshly prepared juice. It is energizing.

      Feel better soon.

      3 months ago
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    Side Effects (scar tissue?): Seems I now have "something else" showing up on my MRI Started with December's MRI, which was bumped up from February, because of a seizure/fall...has not grown or changed at all, and my NS has given me a longer leash, my neurologist increased my P.M. dose of Depakote, so no more seizures, but I don't know why scar tissue would be so late (7 years) post op

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    Sounds like similar paths ... Eds had gbm4 since jan2014 ... Just had the first reoccurrence this last November ... Did stereotactic radiation and on Avastin IV now ...

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    Question: Glioblastoma

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