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    Oh No (Diagnosed): Went in for surgery on 8/24 to remove a "hot nodule" on the right lobe of my thyroid. Biopsy revealed 4mm papillary mass. They are allowing me a 3 month recovery period before they go in to remove the left lobe as well. They're telling me it's just precautionary, that the mass was small, no need to worry. I'm sorry but you just told me you removed cancer from my body (that you had no idea was there) and i'm not supposed to worry??? Also, after I'm through having children, I will need to have the 131 ablation to make sure and destroy all the tissue. Wait, we planned on having at least 2 more children, do we need to hurry??? So, reading up on all info I can find and apparently there's a 50% chance that even though the mass was small, it could have spread to my lymph nodes as well. How do I have this checked? Is there any way to know? They did all kinds of scans, lab work, etc on the thyroid and had no clue there was cancer there, but there was. How can I be sure they'll know if it spread to lymph nodes?
    So many questions and I'm scared.

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      Theses are all good questions. You might also want to post them in our Questions section by clicking on questions in the purple bar above. More people will see your question this way.

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