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    sylviashinn asked a questionOvarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer

    Newly diagnosed, what now?

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      research about your cancer is the best thing. also i dont know how much you are into altenative things but you should see about her taking coral calcium or acidophilos or even a probiotic will will help out. research on those vitamins as well. good luck and we are all here for you

      over 7 years ago
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      It all depends.

      My experience was, I would hope, unusual. In someways, getting diagnosed was a goal.

      I'd carried a tumor around, externally, for 13+ years and it had been misdiagnosed as a hemorrhoid or wart by a plethora of doctors for that whole time as it slowly grew to stage 2 and as I got more and more tired. I got oddly lucky in breaking a toe and gaining some weight while I sat around healing. The extra weight demanded the removal of the growth in order for me to comfortably walk because it had grown in size along with the rest of me. A biopsy showed it to be cancerous.

      That was over a decade ago and the treatments available were not so hot in their success ratios. I began looking into alternative options. Four months later a new combination of drugs became available which were said to be 95% effective.

      Without completely abandoning the alternative solutions I'd begun, I opted for the new drugs combined with radiation. Although I am grateful for my life, I will always wonder if I chose correctly. I still keep to many of the nutritional changes I made and find them quite helpful. I still suffer from certain damages done by the radiation and chemotherapy.

      If you haven't already, a best thing you can do is to find an oncologist you trust. I interviewed six oncologists before finding one who would give me the new chemotherapy, treat me like a human being able to make my own decisions once provided with information, had a clean office, spoke to me as a sentient creature instead of a patient number, and in whom I thought I could place my trust.

      It is important to trust your oncologist and to have him accessible to you because any problems or complaints must be addressed to him or her. Think of the oncologist as the leader of the band who runs and coordinates the show.

      Assuming you've already decided that you do wish to live, learn everything you are able to learn about your own particular condition and as many both off and on the wall treatments as you are able to discover for it.

      Very best of luck to you.

      over 7 years ago
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      I have been diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. Start radiation treatment thursday. Have no idea what to expect

      over 7 years ago
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