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    TajuannaM asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Difference between radiation and proton therapy?

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      I am not qualified to answer your actual question. However, I would suggest that you discuss your options thoroughly with your Oncologist. Ask this question and any others so that you fully understand the difference to enable you to make an informed decision. We are all different -- with different treatment plans -- and we all react differently to our Treatment Plan. It is hard sometimes to actually answer questions but we can share our experiences -- offer support and friendship. I personally have benefitted greatly from contact with my friends on WhatNext but my Oncologist is my Guide in my battle and through the power of prayer, I have been brought through the "storm". I wish you the very best. Keep us updated.

      about 8 years ago
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      I have been suggesting people look into Proton therapy as an option in severla posts. Proton can be used and is being used anywhere in the body. It is very very expensive and so it must be approved prior to treament. You need to know if Proton is even being offered in your area as it only in the major locations now because of the cost and the thing to remeber is that its new. If you can take a targeted therapy with few side effects like a IMRT or SBRT this may be the choice of the Doctor because its tried and true. Whereas a Proton therapy is not as well known yet but it can be just as effective in the right situation with fewer side effects.

      Simply do a google or Bing serch for Proton Therapy in your city. Print the material and bring it with you to your next visit.

      All the best.

      about 8 years ago
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      Please help...I was diagnosed with arinoid cancer head and neck and I am just about to start radiation when I found proton therapy info. I am deathly afraid of side affects of traditional radiation and want to have proton therapy instead. I allied one of the facilities that do it and was told that it would be unethical for them to take over where another doctor was just about to start. I am on a verge of a nervous breakdown because of the side affects I will have to endure with radiation. I don't think I can make it through. How can I convince thr proton place to treat me?????

      almost 7 years ago
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    Procedure or Surgery (Mastectomy on 1 breast and lymph nudes removed ): Mine was an outpatient surgery. The pain didn't begin until a few weeks after surgery. Now I have pain tightness and numbing under my are all the way up to elbow. 3 weeks ago was surgery

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    Side Effects (Hair loss (alopecia)): Lost my hair, everywhere. Eyebrows eyelashes hair under arms hair on legs. All gone lost it after 2nd round of chemo. That was 6 months ago and it's still gone

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      As for eyebrows - My normal eyebrow pencil and/or powder eyebrow products did NOT work at all once the hair was gone - even with primer and sealer (as shown in many makeup video tutorals) however my BEST find!!>> MILANI makes a felt-tipped eyebrow pen in 2 shades that works on skin great - lasts until you wash off with soap or cleanser. It does NOT work on hair so well so I have stopped using now that my hair is growing back. It runs about $6 and found at most dept or drug stores. Hope that helps! I also found a $1 eyeliner felt pen at Meijer for a line that makes missing eyelashes less noticible Now that my hair is coming back - the facial hair (chin, cheeks,...) has grown quickest and most irritating - using a facial hair remover (melter) but can't keep up it comes back so fast! and the razor stubble feel on my arms, torso and legs is weird. I rather enjoyed the slick feel when there was no hair - and sure make showering fast!

      over 7 years ago
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    Side Effects (Anemia (low red blood cell counts)): Dark circles under eyes caused by anemia