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    Sorry to welcome another man to our less and less exclusive group. Ask lots of questions. We have all been there.

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    Buddy. You're the best.

    I'm just having a moment.

    Appreciate ya.

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    Question: Anyone under 50?

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    John, checking in.. How you doing?

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      Hi, thanks for the follow up. Second biopsy positive and in line with first. I decided on the robotic prostratectomy, schedule for October 12. I have comfort in my decision, but am not trying to think about it cause the date is more than a month away. I have resolved in that this is my life fact and this is the best choice for long term health. I have two young daughters (13&11) and have not too yet in that I wanted them to have a nice summer and good start to the year. As it gets close I will have a positive conversation with them. In the meantime I have focused on work and life. Thank you for asking

      9 months ago
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    Jeff - I saw your recent activity and see that you were about 49 when you got your cancer. I was 46. As a younger man, I would like to see how things are going for you. You can update your 'journey' and we can see how things are going for you. You can also click on my name and see my 'journey'. Cheers.