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    I feel like I am om a rollercoaster. My husband 's condition has changed to one of pain. When he was diagonosed with colon cancer it had already metasized. At first he seem to be responding well to the chemo with som,e shrinkage cancer cells, (may not be the correct verbage) but there seem to have been progress in December and now he has had his first severe case of pain, so severe he was hospitalized. He has since been discharged on yesterday and has already had to take meds for breakthrough pain. He was sent home on a Fentanyl patch and another added narcotic for breakthrough pain. This is very hard to see my love one so weak, drowsy, and just plain tired.

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      I understand how you feel. It's tough from the point of a caregiver too. I have said before that it's as hard for them as it is for the patient. I took care of Mom and Dad both in Hospice for their cancer, and it was tough to handle. Always call his doctors anytime you think you need to, that's what they are there for, don't hesitate. So many times some people say they "don't want to bother the docs". To heck with that! Wear them out if you need to. He doesn't have to suffer, there are ways to control it.
      We wish you the best!

      almost 6 years ago
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    Does chemo therapy make you lethargic?

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      Yes! Around chemo session 6, we finally perfected the blend which started the night before chemo with taking a 1/2 of a 1mg Ativan so that I would sleep. I continued to take a 1/2 ativan for next 2 nites to help me sleep over the Swoosh of the chemo pump and also to help the nausea. Sleeping through chemo became my norm. Then add in the cumulative effect of chemo after each session and it seemed to be 1 more day added on before I felt ready to go out into the world as I called it.

      Just count down to your last chemo session, to keep the goal in sight!

      about 6 years ago
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      I just wanted to let you know that your question helped inspire an article on the site about battling fatigue after chemotherapy. Perhaps you will enjoy reading it. Please comment below the article if you have any other suggestions for WhatNexters!


      Best of luck!

      over 5 years ago
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      It made me lethargic for 2 days only out of the whole week. When I was having chemo every Monday it would hit me hard by Thursday and I was done but really just thurs and Friday I was bad.

      about 5 years ago
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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy): My husband prior to surgery and since the surgery has had a low red blood cell count which has required 2 transfusions since the surgery. The chemo started 18 October. He does IV chemo every three weeks and a 14 day course of oral chemotherapy with no therapy for 7 days, then repeated etc. At present, he is weak and tired even though the blood work looks very good since he received units of blood.

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    Procedure or Surgery (Colon surgery (colectomy or hemicolectomy)): My life sudddenly changed to full time caregiver for a few weeks and my husband got stronger as the days went on. I am so grateful he did not have to have the colostomy,that would have been devasting for us. Thank God He agreed with us!

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    Oh No (Cancer has spread/Metastasized): Just believing he had cancer was hard and to find out it was already in an advanced stage.