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    Decision Point: I have cancer of the larnyx (voice box), Stage IVa and am due to recieve 7 weeks of radiation therapy, and some chemo therapy, I am okay with the targeted raditation but really need to be sold on the chemo, how can a poison in your blood stream pick and choose what to kill off? I am mega dosing on vitamins, minerals and supplements now awaiting treatment. Any success stories for my type and stage of cancer would be welcome.

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      I was told the chemo helps prepare the tissue to be more receptive to the radiation and also will kill off any microscopic cancer celle which might be traveling through your body. I was treated for stage four throat cancer wth the primary site being in the back of my throat (tonsilar tissue area) and it had spread to at least one lymph node in the left side of my neck. I had surgery at Johns Hopkins to remove the cacen and then about six weeks to heal from the surgery before I began chemo (platinim) once a week in conjunction with six weeks of radiation. It is now July and I still have some effects of the radiation going on such as tingling down through my legs whenever I bend myneck down. I suspect as time goes by, it will disappear also. I have regained my taste and some salivary function.

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