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    Well I watch all your stories. but dang if I can figure this wall posting thing out.so (tomget) thanks for the good will.
    This is to be a update. Prostate (Robo) was in August 2011. Had my check up's ( LOL! from now on) Did not go the radition route after.
    As of now The Sun is Shining and no cancer to be seen. This is per doctor. The Kelg's are still in my life, but not as often, and for you males out thier. Slow but sure Some things are coming back !!! LOL! Country Song. (NoT as good as I once was ,but good once-----)
    Watching all your stories and the best of luck to all. Here's hoping that one day they will find a cure for this thing called Cancer and we can enjoy a little bit of a stable Life with our love ones.

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    Thanks for the words of encuragement(LOL! spelling off). I don't go back to my doctor till aug. Still Happy. No more problems so far. Aug. Will be a year since by surgery.
    I went back and looked at your page. Sorry about all you problems with doctors. I have been lucky, so far with mine. He has a dry since of humor,so far it looks like not taking the raditons was a good choice. but as some folks i have seen here may know. I feel once you have had it. You kind of always wait for the next shoe to drop.
    LOL! If it does i will have to shine it and put it in the closet. Sure isn't going to slow me down. Then again I have wondered about the shoe stuff for a lot of years.
    Grandfather died prostate cancer, Dad died cancer Brain and lungs. I have out lived two generations. LOL! Son says he is keeping a eye on me!
    You look like you have a good view on life. Hang in their. and if you get to feeling low. For a ladder to climb up. as you know stay around this site. Thier are some great poeple here.
    My god Bless

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      thanks for the kink words, Tanker66. With a family history like yours, glad to see you too have a good attitude and outlook. When people say, "Aren't you scared?" My answer, "I'm more scared about getting hit by a semi on my way to work!" (-:
      God bless to you.

      over 4 years ago
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    Howdy! All
    Have not posted to much, but have been following.
    I'm a 63 y/o male. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in JULY. of 2011. I had
    robo-sugery on August 5th. My gleson was 6. Psa 4.8. Had the cath for 10 days.
    I was out of work for a month and then 2 week light duty.
    Surgery for me was not that bad, Had surgery in a.m. and out the next day. Pain for all is different. For me it was just like somebody had punched the heck out of my gut, so was not that bad. Walking was a big thing in the hospital and when I got home, kind of a trick with that cath. Ha. ha! Embrassing more then anything. After I got the cath out I walked every day around my houseing complex.
    Went back for my psa check up in 8/26 doctor not to happy about the psa.
    above .2 and he talked about radiation. Yep. I talked about watchful waiting, He says we will see on next blood test. LOL. Did not know a prostate weighted 12 lb. but that is the weight I lost. (Kidding) due back to Doctor on 11/29.
    Time went by slow. 11/29 psa taken (blood work) Hit the bell, make some noise. It was below .2 and going down. No Radiation !!!! I also found out something even thought with take it out you still get the out finger wave. Yep!
    I said "Doc. You got it and he said yes, but i will always have to check for lumps."
    OH. Well. Next blood work and appointment 2/7/12.
    That is today. I just got back and hit that bell again. Psa below .1 Going down.
    My doctor was happy and Boy! Was I happy! Since this cancer was a surpise to me in the first place I ask the question. I guess all patients ask. "Doctor you been doing this for a long time. Is thier a time or you know 3yrs 5 yrs when it might show up again". We we go back to all things and people are different. He said thier is no time line it my come back later or my not at all. I can not answer that question. That is why I will be keeping a long eye on you.
    Yes! Gentelmen! No only yearly check-ups. 6 months finger waves and blood tests. LOL! Compared to the alternative I WILL TAKE IT!!!
    This was my Journey so far. I will be watching in the background. Thanks for listening. My God Bless All and BE with you on your Journey.

    I was moved by the prayer that Jackie sent FOOTPRINTS PRAYER.
    P.S. Forgave the spelllllling

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      Thank you for sharing your saga. It was so encouraging to me as I walk the path, too.

      almost 5 years ago
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      Best of luck - my surgery in 2005 went flawlessly and PSA was low for 4 years didn't check til 6+years when it went to 99.7 - YUP! it can come back - keep checking and stay on top of it a couple friends had surgery before me and no recurrence - everyone's different BUT Keep watching don't take your eye off the ball

      almost 5 years ago
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      Tanker 66:
      Read up on your comments. Regarding status after treatment and whatnext, this is my reply. After the rad prostatectomy, hormones and full radiation I asked my radiation oncologist what I could say about my status. He replied that "You can say that you have no active cancer at this time." I feel blessed to say I'm a survivor. Best of luck and faith in fighting the good fight. Ross

      almost 5 years ago
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    Thank you! Don't want people to get they wrong information, or take it wrong!
    Good day!

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      Turns out when you put the less than symbol in your post we cut things. Should be fixed tomorrow. Thanks for helping us make WhatNext better for everyone.

      about 5 years ago
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    Think I got Edited. Or I talked to much. On my update. My last PAS. was <0.1. today that is exceptable.

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    Well Run up the flag!
    As some of you kind people may know. I had robo. surgery for prostate cancer on Aug. 5, 2011. First visit back to Dr. PSA was 0.2 Dr. not happy! Talking about possible Radiation.
    Had second visit today Nov. 29th. Just got home. Psa <0.1 Where it it is exceptable. YEA!
    Had some bleeding about three days ago. He is going to do a CT,scope and also check for bladder infec. He thinks a staple my have worked loose and gone astray.
    So then I ask. Hey! Doc. Does the psa. mean no radiation?( holding breath)!
    He says" Radaition is always a option and we will look at it after we get this bleeding out of the away". Don't you just love doctors:). The I said: Well If the PSA does not spike can't we just -watchful wait- on the radiation. LOL! HE said Yes!!
    Just Had to Share. Today was one of those Good Days!!

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      Tanker. Great news thanks for sharing. Something funny is definitely gone on. I see the entire post in our moderation queue but clearly it is not displaying right. I will look into this.

      about 5 years ago