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    Hey, there. Hello and welcome. Recurrences suck. I know, I've had a couple. But I'm still here after more than 6 years and I was stage IV at diagnosis so I guess that's pretty good. Whatever, I'll take it. I'm happy to be here and happy to help you on your journey if I can. Sometimes even just knowing someone else has been there before you helps.

    Some time ago, I recorded a series of videos for WhatNext about my cancer journey. You may find them helpful. I've included a link at the end of this message should you wish to check them out. My hair is longer now (but still pink!) and I have a new knee but not much else has changed since I recorded the videos.

    WhatNext.com is a great place for everyone, from the newly diagnosed to those of us who've been living with cancer for some time - friends and loved ones too! While you're here at WhatNext.com, check out the questions and experiences of other folks here. You can find people who've had the same cancer, surgeries, chemotherapy and experiences should you wish. It's often reassuring to know others have been through what you're facing and thrived. I also recommend the PINBOARD - there are often humorous or uplifting posts that can make your day. Definitely worth checking out.


    In the meantime, I'm here if you have any questions or want to chat.

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    Welcome Tanmaster,
    I am sorry you are experiencing a reoccurence. After 8 years, it certainly must have been a surprise and being early stage too! I was diagnosed when I was 57 with stage 3 C. I went 2 years cancer free. I have had 2 reoccurences since then. My most recent one was last year. I am still in treatment for it. It is 2 pulmonary nodules in my left lung and an area under my left diaphragm. I have never smoked and have no underlying lung disease. My Oncologist remarked Ovarian Cancer does not usually go to the lung but cancer does what it wants to do. I have one nodule anterior which they could not biopsy. I have one nodule posterior which we tried to do a CT guided biopsy on. It was not possible because when I got on the CT table and they put the needle in, bone and my aortic arch of my heart were in the way. We did a PET scan to confirm cancer. (My CA-125 has not gone above 10 through both reoccurences). We are assuming it is from Ovarian Cancer. I am not a candidate for targeted radiation. So, chemo has been our treatment. I have been symptom free so far. My next CT is the end of March. I am currently receiving Avastin and Doxil. We dropped Carboplatin last year because I was not tolerating it. I would like to follow you since we are on a similar place right now. I hope you do well. Feel free to ask any questions. We are here for you.

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    Hi Tanmaster, welcome to the site. I found WhatNext in 2013 when diagnosed with later stage ovarian cancer. Each of our journeys are different but it really helped me to talk with other survivors. WhatNext is full of caregivers and survivors ready to answer any questions you may have and give you the extra support each survivor needs. None of the treatments for cancer are easy but they are DOABLE. Try to take things one day at a time and reach out and ask for help when needed. Look over all the site offers including the blogs and videos. You can have a one on one conversation with any WhatNexter on their wall. Wishing you better days ahead and here to talk anytime.

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    Hi Tanmaster. Welcome to What Next. There are lots of great people here. If you have any questions, please use the question tab above -- that way everyone will have access & you'll get a quicker response. I'm glad you found us but sorry for the circumstances that led you here. Wishing you all the best.

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    Procedure or Surgery (Implant chemotherapy port)

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    Decision Point (Between surgery and radiation . Then we decided it was to close to my heart so we had to do chemo )