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    Oh No: hi all well i have just recently found out i have cc , it all started when i started seeing a new bf , after being single for 3 years i met someone in jan 13, well to cut a long story short the first time we had sex i noticed bleeding afterwards thought it was strange as im on a pill that means i dont bleed or have periods which suits me fine anyway didnt think much of it untill the second time we had sex and once again i bled ,that did make me think twice so thought id take a trip to the docs as was abit worried and thats where it all started .

    i had done abit of research about the bleeding and kept coming across it been a symptom of cc and seen as i was over due my smear teat by a few years got very worried . so booked myself in for a smear test was over in mins really dont know why i was putting it off but well that was it over and done with now just to wait for the results.

    so just under two week later got my results severe dyskaryosis cin3 well i has no idea what this meant till i looked it up then i really did start to worry , well with my results letter was my appointment for a colposcopy just over a weeks wait .

    so off i went to my appointment saw the nurse who was going to do it she also had an assistant and a trainee in there great i though an audience thats all i need lol , anyway she explained that i had cin3 cells and that if needed i could have a loop procedure which was fine by me just wanted to get it over with.
    so off i go to get undressed from the waist down nurse gave me a sheet to put round me while i got up on the couch then that were it we was off big screen was on so i could watch it all not very nice but i looked a few times , then she showed me my cervix which when she touched it started bleeding i thought ohh no im sure it shouldnt do that well she was hahing a goo look at it then she says i just need to go and get someone to look at this i thought omg she can see that its cancer then i knew from then it was even though they wouldnt say , the senior nurse came and had a look she showed me the white cells that were abnormal and told me that things didnt look right so was going to take biopsys and send them off as urgent , god knows how i kept my cool but some how i did , until i get to the car that is then cried and cried and cried .

    well you can imagine what a week of waiting i had every time the phone rang thinking it was the nurse with my results well 1 week and 1 day i got that call , we have your results iv made you an appointment to discuss them with the doctor she told me she didnt know the results but i knew anyway .

    so the day of the appointment has arrived off i go to get the bad news i was all ready for it gets in the room its a woman doctor seemed very nice she sat me down asked if i had anyone with me i said no she said do you know what your here for i said yes iv prepared myself for this so she says well we have found cancer iv booked you in for surgery im a months time and that i will need a MRI first to see if it has spread to surrounding areas i was really calm didnt get upset or anything she was so surprised at how well i was taking it ,i wasnt going to let this thing rule my life i am the one in charge not the cancer .

    well MRI is all done and i am just waiting for my next appointment on the 15th april to see if its surgery or treatment i will keep you updated .

    many thanks for reading

    lots of love to you all xxx

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      you got the right attitude Tanya , you are the one in charge and you got this , you will do just fine i'm sure, i finished my chemoradiation and brachy in dec for stage 3b cc with lymph node involvement and just recently had my MRI which showed no evidence of disease, so am now on checks every 3 months , It can be scary at times but it is very do-able and there's so much they can do these days , wishing you the best and stay brave xxx :)

      about 8 years ago
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