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    surgery in 4 weeks very worried about what happens "after" catheter ,incontinence etc

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      Hi Terry. I have stage 2 PC and am due to start radiation in March 2013. I can't have the surgery, but I have a very good friend who was diagnosed at 54 with stage 2 PC and he had the surgery 18 months ago. He had the robotic assisted surgery and that it went well. He said that they won't send you home until they know that your bowel is awake and functioning. He went home with the catheter and had it taken out after ten days. He told me if I had the surgery, make sure that I understood my wound and catheter care instructions and to follow them exactly. He was incontinent for some months and also impotent. At a year post surgery he had regained almost total control of of his urinary function. At 18 months post surgery, he still wears absorbent pads because if he sneezes or strains unexpectedly, he can leak a few drops. Nothing serious though. At 18 months, he said he is back to 90-95 % of where he was as far as his sexual potence. Also, his PSA has been undetectable since the surgery. He said having the cancer gone was worth it all and has given him tremedous peace of mind. Hope this helps and I wish the very best.

      over 9 years ago
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      I was about your age (53) when I had a Radical Prostatectomy (medical term for prostate cancer surgery) and had your same concerns. When it was decided to go with surgery having, previously, talked to a number of different oncologists and conducted some basic research, I chose the very best surgeon I could find. This is important! It doesn't matter the techniques being used for the surgery, such as laparoscopic/robotic, it is still the surgeon who directs the machine. I went to the Mayo Clinic for my procedure and was very pleased with the outcome. With all due respect to the previous posting (Genmar47) this was not my outcome. I had much better results and was fully funcional in short order maybe three months maximum. Depending on your knowledge of prostate cancer and the Radical Prostatectomy, I found the book "Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide To Surviving Prostate Cancer", by Patrick C. Walsh, MD and Janet Farrar Worthington to be very helpul in preparing for my surgery. In particular, Chapter 8, "Radical Prostatectomy". I also recommend that you involve your wife, partner, significant other or friend in your preparation for the surgery. The days following the surgery you will need assistance and the person helping you will need to know what to expect. I wish you well and good luck.

      over 9 years ago
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