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    TerryK220 asked a questionBreast Cancer

    Stage 4

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      I'm sorry but I don't understand your question. Is this related to breast cancer? Could you explain a bit further please?

      about 8 years ago
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      I am assuming that you mean bone mets to the sternum. If it hurts you can ask Dr for pain meds Careful with the seat belt in the car, When I had a car accident and the seat belt tightened over my sternum it hurt a lot.
      Otherwise you treat mets to the sternum like any other bone mets

      about 8 years ago
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      I can only infer from your post that you are either speaking of metastasis to the sternum and/or you have had the sternum removed for cryotherapy to remove the lesions and then reinserted and secured with metal screws and linkage. If the latter is the case then when you refer to dealing with it, are you referring to MRI's or metal scanning as you travel? I think the other members need clarification before they can help you. I hope you find the answer you seek, Carm RN.

      about 8 years ago
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