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    Reconstructive Surgery

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      I had breast implants after a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. I have not had any problems with them in the almost 2 years that I have had them. My left side which is the one that had radiation is not as soft and sits a little higher, but otherwise, I am happy with the results. Take care.

      2 days ago
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      I also had breast implants after a double mastectomy in August 2014 and I have had no problems at all and am very pleased with the outcome. I did not have chemo or radiation so that might make a difference. I also had the 3D nipple tattoos and best part of it is I don't have to wear a bra. Best of luck to you. Choose the best plastic surgeon you can find and get a second opinion.

      1 day ago
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    Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome

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      RFS is NOT lymphedema. Let’s get clear. Although the two may occur together, particularly with breast cancer. RFS is post-radiation damage (often showing up as a late effect of radiation treatment, when nearby blood vessels that nourish the skin, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, bones and lungs tighten and cause muscle weakness and dysfunction and contributing to neuromuscular injury). But in breast cancer, lymphedema in the arms/hands/chest and back is swelling/pain/disfigurement directly related to removal of lymph nodes (typically in the arms, but can be more) and subsequent damage to the lymphatic system in those areas, worsened by radiation damage. I have been going down both roads.

      Best option:

      krafty76 has the answer: RFS is best treated by physical therapy and manual manipulation/breaking down of scar tissue by a breast cancer trained PT specialist. This can be downright painful, but it may only get worse if left alone. It’s not too late to do this.

      Important note Regarding herbal supplements:

      Tnblondee, please, please be careful regarding any herbal supplements with Breast cancer, particularly yours which I see from your profile is estrogen positive (same as mine). Whether trying to deal with the effect of BC treatment or some other completely seemingly unrelated issue. I am going through this with migraines now. Many herbal supplements interact with other drugs and treatments that we may be taking (Tamoxifen or AIs). Moreover, many herbal supplements also have estrogenic properties, which any estrogen positive breast cancer patient need to avoid at all costs, unless we want to feed the beast. According to a very recent Stanford Nutritional Workshop I attended, the most important ones to avoid are Astragulus, XXX Quai, Ginseng and Melatonin. But I avoid all products, called Xenoestrogens, that mimic estrogen in our bodies and have been shown to increase women’s risk of breast cancer. (Xenoestrogens are manmade chemicals found in many places in our environment, including personal care products and cosmetics (e.g., parabens), weed killers that make their way to our water sources (e.g., atrazine), food preservatives (e.g., butylated hydroxyanisole), baby bottles (e.g., BPA), and plastic containers and toys (e.g., phthalates). I have written/compiled a very long document that I recently shared with Geekling that addresses the problems with Xenoestrogens, AKA endocrine disruptors.

      With regard to lymphedema: in broad general terms, lymphedema or edema in the legs is not the same as the lymphedema in breast cancer patients after surgery and radiation treatment. There can be many more complications in the legs due to the Hormone therapy you may be taking (Tamoxifen or AIs). (i.e. blood clots, and DVT). As much as appreciate geekling’s mention of Cyclo3fort, we are talking apples and oranges here.

      9 days ago
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      Dina. Dont pop a cap. Butcher's broom is not a pseudo estrogen and is also a temporary fix. Gracie mentioned lymphodema and inflammation isnt any fun.

      Would you please look up "natto" and nattokinase and see if it is acceptable? It is made from soy which has been sprouted, boiled and then fermented. It also relieves lymphodema.

      The relief from the nattokinase is temporary. Butcher's broom can only be used for a relative short term as it can have negative side effects of its own if used in the long term.

      I take it you dont eat sweet potatoes. Yes, I remember your work and your great attention to detail. I also recognise you from FB. He ya!

      9 days ago
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      In my case the lymphedema was caused by the radiation destroying all the lymph nodes and the fibrins/scar tissue taking over. The skin on my clavicle is attached to the bone as well. The axillary area required surgery to remove the scar from the bone and a piece of alloderm implanted.

      8 days ago
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