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    I am breaking down and letting them put a port in. I need your pros and cons please

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      I still have my first port (Bard Power Port), but not in my chest. When it was pulled to be replaced with a vortex post, I asked nurse if I could have it. "No!" she replied, "it's a biohazard.' Well, I said, then what is it doing in my chest? :-D Anyway, I mentioned the same to my doctor. He said that he could not give it to me - but that occasionally, they overlooked a few details. When I awoke, there was a small red biohazard bag on the counter nearby - with my port in it. I now have it in a shadowbox, which DW forbids me from hanging on the dining room wall...

      1 day ago
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      @po18guy my oncologist has written in my EHR that patient wishes to keep port as long as possible; I'm sure there's more after like crazy lady or something. lol It's my security blanket in my mind, as long as I my Bard Power Port I won't go on to stage IV. I will have had mine for 3 years on July 24.

      1 day ago
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      PO, we still have my second one. Somewhere, we were going to do a shadowbox but never did it. I need to dig that thing out and build a little box for it, then hang my radiation mask above it. Maybe I could start a "room of horrors", but then again, depending on your point of view, it could be called "my saving grace".

      You see, it's always in the way you look at it.

      1 day ago
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    Why will you be in the hospital 2 weeks?

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      You are going thru a lot as I have. You will get thru it.
      What stage are you? Anyone DX with Stage 3 & stage 4 breast cancer can sign up for social security disability.
      However you must quit your job first. You will receive full SS for rest of your life.

      5 days ago
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      They are giving me a worst case scenario. If I don't heal well as expected, I have complications that make healing an issue. They want to prepare for the worst.

      5 days ago

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    When I think about this I find that it's absolutely true in my case. I think we all do it. The bad days are traumatic and stick with us more I believe.

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      This is a good reminder!

      9 days ago
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      Yes, we do tend to dwell on the negative, don't we? We can recall sad events from decades ago, but struggle to call up the joy from yesterday.

      And, especially in these "interesting times", the good times, the successes, the milestones REALLY should be CELEBRATED!!

      8 days ago
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      Very true!

      8 days ago