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    I lost my father to stomach cancer six years ago, four days before my 23rd birthday. It was a tragic period in my life and I miss my father dearly, everyday, and still brings tears to my eyes to think about his death. Now at 29, I work in corporate and started my own travel blog company with my fiancee. We recently found out that a teacher from my fiancee's high school has been fighting brain cancer for the past 6 years and now losing his sight. His name is David. David was let go from his passion, teaching after losing his sight and ability to use the left side of his body. Instead of sitting at home and dwelling on things, David has set off on a journey to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time before losing his sight completely. Since David is a teacher and they don't make much money he'll be traveling by train, bus and staying with past students along the way.

    I'd like to share David's journey with everyone who's ever lost someone to cancer, is fighting cancer right now, or would like to share and support David during his journey. Please follow if you can and send some kind words to David during "what he is calling as his "Vision Quest"here -> www.anothertraveler.com

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