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    Hello and welcome, we are happy to have you with us. Please feel free to join in the conversations. Here is a link to our cancer dx page for your type of cancer. Take a look at it to get you started on some information. You will notice at the bottom of that page 4 of our active users who have had that journey already, you may wish to contact them for their experience and wisdom. Also, I encourage you to go to the questions page now by clicking on the questions tab at the top of the page and post what is the most pressing issue you have right now. This will introduce you to the community and get you started with the help you need right now.


    There are also subtypes listed on this page to narrow down the type of cancer to match your dx. Also, if you can take a few minutes and fill in some details of your journey so far, it will help others as they try to answer questions for you, it also helps others as they search through the database to find someone like themselves. Confirming your email will allow you to receive updates and notices from the site when someone answers your questions or writes on your wall.

    Thanks for being with us and let me know if I can help you find any information on the site.

    Just click this link to invite them to join. http://www.whatnext.com/recruit-a-friend

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    Welcome Txlady,. .Sorry, I am guilty of commenting on your experience before looking at your wall. It looks like we are the same stage, 3C and relatively close in age, you are 59, I am 61. From what you wrote, you have had chemotherapy twice. The experience I commented on was the one that you continued to work full time. I admire you. I know that was very difficult. I could not have done that.(see my comment below). We are the same stage so I assume similar dosing of chemotherapy was given. I agree, the port is the way to go. What a blessing it has been. I hope you are doing well, hopefully you are cancer free. I am. My oncologist put me on a PARP inhibitor, named Zejula to increase remission time. I am BRCA negative. It should help some. Feel free to ask any questions. We are here for you.

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    Hiya, Txlady - you have such a beautiful smile! Welcome to WhatNext. This site is a great place to get advice, support, a sympathetic ear and more. The folks here definitely "get it".

    I was originally diagnosed in 2013 with stage IV ovarian. Initial treatment was rough but I made it through. My life has changed a lot in the five-plus years since I heard the words "We think you have cancer."

    Since the original diagnosis, I've had two recurrences and recently stopped treatment with Avastin and Topotecan so I can get a much-needed knee replacement. My tumors are very small and have been stable so I hope they continue to behave as I can't do chemo and the knee surgery.

    Please take some time to explore this site and check out the links, resources, Pinboard, and questions pages. The information there is great. The rest of us here are also happy to connect and answer your questions about our cancer journeys and how you can navigate the changes to come.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to connect.

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    Drug or Chemo Therapy (Chemotherapy): My surgery was followed by three cycles of chemo to kill any hidden cancer cells. I continued to work full time, and usually only missed a day or two of work after each cycle. I had my treatment on Thurdsdays, and usually had to stay home on Monday, sometimes Tuesdays.

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      Hi Txlady,.
      I am happy for you. I did not tolerate chemo very well. (I have had it in 2015 and 2018). What stage are you? I am stage 3 C, late stage. I had 6 cycles of Carboplatin and Taxol with my initial chemo and 6 cycles of Carboplatin and Gemzar last year. I required 4 blood transfusions in 2015 for severe anemia and 5 transfusions last year for severe anemia. My immune system was compromised too. Had to be put on isolation twice for low WBC's last year. Fatigue was a big problem, there were many days when I struggled to go grocery shopping or take garbage out. There were other side effects too which I will not list, two were irreversible, I consider them my "souvenirs". Since I work 12 hour shifts in Critical Care as a registered nurse, work was not possible or safe. (There are many patients with infectious disease in my unit.). I have heard how some people do well with chemo and have wondered if they were diagnosed at an earlier stage, are they much younger (I am 61) or if somehow they just tolerate their chemo better than others. Thanks for sharing.

      4 days ago
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      Hi macfightsback- Thank you for your input. Yes, we are on the same regime. I had the carbo/taxol and carbo/gemzar/avastin. I too had to have blood transfusions and was hospitalized Nov 2018 w/Legionaires Pneumonia. They were pretty sure it was due to my compromised immune system. My job is an office job, so it was not all that taxing physically (except for the days I felt like I couldn't lift my head from my pillow) I just received my NED diagnosis in December, and am currently on maintenance (every 3 weeks) on Avastin. Hoping it will give me a long remission! My first remission was in 7 months of my surgery and post surgical chemo. I think the carbo/taxol regime is very hard. I usually did chemo on Thursdays, then was in bed Saturday-Tuesday and pretty wiped out the rest of the week. Seemed like the instant I started feeling somewhat normal it was time for another round!. I am in remission now and have started feeling much better if it weren't for the horrible joint pain. My kidneys are compromised due to the chemo and I am unable to take any anti-inflammatory drugs. Some days I can barely walk. Now that I am through w/chemo I am going to try to get some help with that. Thanks for sharing. It's easier to get through this when you can talk w/others that have walked the path you are walking.

      2 days ago
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    Procedure or Surgery (Debulking surgery): Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, BSO, omenectomy in November, 2017

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    Hi there Txlady, welcome to the site. Thank you for sharing your e oeriences. I have had some of the same experiences . By the time I was diagnosed correctly,I too had ascites and my CT scan had so many free floater ( along with several planted tumors) the radiologist could not count them all. Totally agree with you about the chest port. I was not given a choice about whether to have a port or not,my doctor said chest port and that was that. I had two rounds of chemo before my debulking surgery followed by four rounds of both IV and IP chemo afterwards and have been in remission since finishing chemo on March 4th , 2014. Medical advancements have continued these past five years and many doctors treating ovarian cancer now place survivors on some length of maintenance therapy following frontline chemo, not waiting to see when or if a survivor has a recurrence. So, how are you doing? WhatNext was the first site I contacted when I was diagnosed and continues to be my homebase. The site provides information, videos and blogs for the cancer survivior and much needed additional support. Reach out with any questions, visit / post on the pinboard and talk with other survivors on their walls. The higher the numerical number beside their name,the more active they are on the site. Take care and here to talk anytime.