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      I was on a clinical trial of Avastin given with carbo/taxol. I continued on it for almost a year after finishing the chemo. Altogether I was on it almost 18 months. The reason I had to stop 6 months ago was that the CT scan revealed SLIGHT enlargement of some lymph nodes in my chest. The Ca-125 remains normal. The only longer lasting side effects I had from Avastin was an intolerance to eggs (ok in a cake or cooking, but no outright egg dish like quiches or regrettably, french toast)and some tongue tenderness to spicy foods or toothpaste. I did have some joint pain for a few weeks about half way through the 18 months, but it went away. So far, my numbers are good. Good luck!

      over 7 years ago
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      I was on Avastian to treat my Advanced Kidney cancer & Stage IV TNBC last year. I was on it for almost 8 months. Towards the end of the infusion regimen I started getting uncontrollable high BP, which is one of the drugs known side effects. I was seeing a cardiologist who helped me get it down - but it was still a bit higher then we would like to see, but as he said "at least we know what is causing this condition, and it's under control, and will get better once you stop the drug"

      over 7 years ago
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      Surgery 12/2012, DX 1/2013, 6 rounds Carbo, Taxol, ABT 888 & Avastin followed by 22 rounds of Avastin alone. I am in 15/22 rounds of Avastin. My numbers have been good, thank God. My appetite is good. I do have bone & joint pain. Sometimes crippling for many days and I need Oxycodone & a cane. Saw an arthritis Doctor and I take Celebrex which helps big time. I believe Avastin works well. It is tolerable. I work 20 hours a week and at home as a mom to 12 year old twins. I get real tired at times and on Avastin, it is harder to heal. So try not to get sick. I've had a sinus infection for 3 months now. 4 rounds of antibiotics and extreme germ prevention and I am finally getting over it. Good luck!

      over 7 years ago
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    Question: AVASTIN

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    im sorry that you are going through all this, and if they are rising dosent mean you have cancer again does it, could it be something else? you said you were not going to do chemo until you had symptoms ,

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      In my case, it does mean that I have cancer again. It is called recurrence. I will probably have to deal with cancer as a chronic illness for the rest of my life. However, I won't let it get me down. I will fight it again and again when it recurs! I am feeling fine for now.

      almost 9 years ago
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    Thank you for sharing your journey, it gives me hope. GOD bless you.

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    Decision Point (to try to live everyday to the fullest): I sat and worried about the cancer of course and one day i was going to the store and had stopped at a green light to see what the car facing me was going to do, and this woman ran the red light, had i pulled out she would have hit me and more than likley killed me, so i take that as GOD telling me quit worring ,you could be gone because of something else so live . the cancer may take me, but i am going to try to live everyday as much as i can. dont get me wrong its still very scary but worring is wasting the time i have to do other things, and so i want to love , show love, teach others to love and be loved. and i have been shown more love in these last three months than i could have ever imagined.