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    The 4 Stages of Melanoma: The Deadliest Form of Skin Cancer - From Mayo Clinic

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    7-time cancer patient fights for support to enter clinical trial

    BOSTON —
    A 35-year-old from Massachusetts is fighting cancer for the seventh time. Her only hope is convincing insurance to pay for an out-of-state clinical trial.

    Nicole Sorensen's hip tumor was detected at the size of a pea but has grown to the size of a squash and it continues to spread down her leg. As a result, she walks with a limp.

    She's trying to get into a clinical trial that could shrink the tumor and save her leg, but needs her health insurer to reach an agreement with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The medication would be free, but insurance would need to pay for the doctors and lab testing.

    In dire pain each day, she spends hours on the phone struggling to facilitate a deal.

    Recently, with time running out, Neighborhood Health Plan said financial approvals are in the works for the treatment. Still, Sorensen is concerned.

    "The longer it's in there, the greater the chance I lose my leg," she said.

    UPDATE: After this story first aired on WCVB, Sorensen received good news! Her insurer and the hospital have reached a deal and scheduled her first appointment.
    There is a video with this story here - http://www.wcvb.com/article/7-time-cancer-patient-fighting-for-support-to-enter-clinical-trial/15898678

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    Happy Friday!! But, we really should stop waiting for a special day to do the special things we want to do.

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    Leave it to California to try to kill coffee. Now they say coffee is a cancer risk?

    13 answers
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      Nothing whatsoever is wrong with California. It's a BLUE state and we need more of them. As for coffee, studies say it's not only not bad for us, it's good for us (lots of antioxidants; gives some feeling of energy, a cheap "upper"). As Molly72 says, this article comes from Fox News. Enough said.

      25 days ago
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      I know, this is off subject, but..... does anybody know how to make GOOD, CLEAR, SPARKLING
      ice tea?
      Mine tastes & looks like strong, muddy water. I've tried everything, bottled water, a water filter on our faucet, different teas, longer/shorter brew times and so forth and so on. Nothing seems to taste like what I can buy at the store that is already brewed.

      25 days ago
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      Hey all you coffee loving WhatNexters Here is another article about the benefits of coffee

      22 days ago
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    It's pretty to look at, and fun to play in for about a day. But I've had about enough of it! I'm freezing and ready to see some warm weather!