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    Greg, you are a big blessing! Thank you for all your encouraging words!

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      I appreciate your kind words, I am just another fighter that's been there a few times. I'm happy I'm able to help a little.

      over 5 years ago
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    Victory asked a questionColorectal (Colon) Cancer

    Has anyone been on a different medication regime other than Fulfox, FulFiri, Stivarga, or Xeloda? I have fried al the above ith limited succ

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      My friend with GIST was given Gleevec. Don't know which of the other chemos she had. She's also had multiple primary cancers.

      almost 6 years ago
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      The drugs you mention are used for both GIST and colon cancer. I have had them all and a few more including Avastin and am not on the latest drug Zaltrap so there are alternatives that may help so don't give up yet. Good Luck!!!!!!!!

      almost 6 years ago
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      In addition to some that you mentioned I have used irinotecan + cetuximab and now I am on vectibix.....I have heard also about avastin and zaltrap....so you can discuss with your doctor....important to talk with him also about the test for your gene mutations....it will help a lot to define your treatment and to identify which drugs will be effective and which will not....ask your doctor....God continue blessing all of us

      almost 6 years ago
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    Joey. B6 does help. I'm on My second round of Fulfiri and I have noted great differences from last year to this year with the vitamin B6. It was recommended by my doctor so ask yours! Hang in there!! I've had over 32 treatments and know how you're feeling! We are in this fight together!!! God bless you!!

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    User: Ron1961

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    There was a typo... CC is very attractive to the liver. They like to take up residence there!! It's very common in our circles! My friend's liver looked like Swiss cheese, it was so full but she is in remission now. Hope on!!

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      Thanks so much. Looks like I am going to have colon surgery as soon as next week and then will start chemo. Long road ahead for me.

      almost 6 years ago
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      I basically did the same. My surgery went really well, although I've heard that laparoscopic can be easier. My recovery was about two weeks. Surgery was Oct 8, a power port was put in on Oct 30 (slight discomfort), then chemo began Nov 3.

      Are you married, have children, a good support system? With the help of my daughter I began a medical journal and just noted things that were happening, advice from nurses and medical staff, side effects, etc. so much will be going on that it's good to keep track, if only in short blerbs, and then to reflect and refocus. My family has gone with me to each treatment and appointment. It's so important to have support as I can't keep all the info floating in my brain and so I depend on them for help in this area.

      Again, if I can be of any assistance, just ask!! Chemo is not to be dreaded either. It is easier than you can imagine and the medical staff who will tend to you are pretty awesome people!! There is meds to keep away nausea, or other side effects at bay, that are very effective. It's a new age in this type of treatment.

      I worked full time for over a year while doing chemo. I did my treatments every other Friday and went back to work on Monday. You're young, you'll do great!! You are now officially a warrior!! Fight the good fight!! You've got this!! We've got this!! I put your name on my kitchen bulletin board and will pray for you and your upcoming journey daily! God bless you! ~ Victoria

      almost 6 years ago