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    What is the reason for scheduling a dental appointment for him before the chemo? He is tentatively scheduled to start chemo next week. I really don't see how we could get a dental appointment before then.

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      Once you start chemo, you cannot have dental work due to the danger of bleeding. Many people become anemic on chemo, and the bleeding that can happen during dental work can cause even more problems. You'll find that most dentists will refuse to work on people who are on active chemo. My hubby hasn't seen his dentist since before he started, and they said they want him off chemo for 2-3 mos before they see him again.

      about 9 years ago
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    Can anyone tell me the right questions to ask in my initial visit with my husband's doctor to prepare him for chemotherapy? I know I need to ask nutrition questions, but other than that I'm at a loss.

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      I think you have a great list of questions. Just some others you may want to consider:
      1) Can your husband take any existing medications while on chemo? What about Tylenol, Advil, etc?
      2) Are there any special precautions he needs to take?
      3) If you have pets, are there certain rules you should follow? (such as not changing a litterbox)
      4) Interaction with other people (especially sick people)
      5) Schedule a dental appointment for your husband prior to chemo.
      6) What activities should he do/not do
      7) Should he eat/not eat before coming in for treatment?
      8) Are there any clinical trials he may qualify for?
      9) What are the risks/benefits of the specific drugs he will be on?
      10) Are there immunizations he needs?
      11) What to do if your husband gets sick to his stomach or has excessive diarrhea?
      12) How to take care of potential issues with the mouth and lips?
      13) When should we cal the doctor?

      The American Cancer Society has terrific information about nutrition. Here is a link: http://www.cancer.org/Treatment/SurvivorshipDuringandAfterTreatment/NutritionforPeoplewithCancer/NutritionforthePersonwithCancer/index

      Here is the American Cancer Society's overview of chemotherapy.

      Please keep us posted on his - and your - progress. And let us know of any other question you may have, or any resource you may need. We are more than happy to help in any way that is possible.


      about 9 years ago
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      Ask for phone numbers for the nurse/triage line and for the office....etc... DON'T hesitate to call when you ahve a question.

      Ask for which drugs can be taken when...
      For example, I get zofram (anti-nausea) with my chemo. The type I get with the chemo lasts 72 hours, which means I cannot take additional zofram until 72 hours have passed. That means I have to use other drugs.

      If you have any questions about meds - ask them! I can't believe how many meds we have in our house now... Just cannot believe it.

      Another example of drugs that should not be taken together: xanax (helps me sleep) and atavan (helps with nausea and helps me sleep)...

      Also, ask about supplements. I took a list of potential supplements to my doc, and we reviewed each one together. In the end, I added one and deleted two.

      My supplements (in case you're curious) are
      glutamine (mouth sores and neuropathy prevention)
      vit b12 (I'm vegan)
      vitamin d (I live in MN and our sun is quite low this time of year)

      Hope that helps.... best wishes.

      about 9 years ago
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      I hope this is not a duplicate, but thank you very much for all of your responses. Our appointment is tomorrow and all of this information will be very helpful to me as a care giver. I'm so glad I found this site. I hope to find a support group that I can physically attend regularly in my area. Thanks again.

      about 9 years ago
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    Oh No

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      My husband has been diagnosed with Leukemia and has received his port. We're expecting to see the doctor re treatment next Friday, so I don't really know what quesitons to ask. Can anyone tell me the right questions to ask to be prepared? I know I need to ask nutrition questions, but other than that I'm at a loss.

      about 9 years ago
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