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    Hello windsaloft, Welcome to WhatNext...a great site where you can probably find someone else who is on the same cancer journey as your brother. I believe he is the one with pancreatic cancer. I do not know of any alternative to chemo and or radiation. You see I am a 16 year+ pancreatic cancer survivor. They removed 40% of my pancreas, my entire spleen, a slice of my left kidney, and 5 lymph nodes. The cancer spread to only the lymph nodes. I had 24/7 chemotherapy, (5fu), for 5 weeks straight non-stop, and radiation at the same time. Then we did another round of chemo,(gemzar), for 9 weeks, one day a week for 3 hours at the hospital. I opted for the surgery, and the chemo, and radiation treatments. I am sorry I do not know of any alternatives. I strongly believe I am a survivor because of the aggressive treatments. Also because of my persistence and determination. When the doctors told me if I survived one year I had a 2% chance of making it 3 years, and if I made it that long, I had a 6% chance of making it 5 years. I simply told them to just count me in, because somebody has to be in those numbers...and I am your man. Never give up hope...it's the last candle fluttering in the darkness when all the others have gone out. It's the candle light at the end of the tunnel. I was 56 when I was diagnosed and I am 72 today. So you see this disease can be beat. My best to you, and your brother...Russ

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    Has anyone tried rigvir or other alternative therapy for pancreatic cancer?

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      There, as rhings are, wont ever be double blind studies.

      Radiation and chemotherapy as cancer treatments are less than 100 years old.

      How do you suppose people survived tumors and cysts prior?

      2 months ago
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      Cysts are one thing. Chemo and radiation are rarely used on them, and usually, depending on where and how large they are, they aren't life-threatening.

      As for cancers pre-chemo and radiation, there was still surgery. Many people DIDN'T survive. The percentage of those surviving cancer has risen considerably since the time before chemo and
      radiation. And alternative treatments weren't available to cancer patients back then, either.

      2 months ago
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      I really don't know how some plp here can put so much faith in conventional treatments? Chemo only has a 2% cute rate and to me that could just be luck,, chemo does not kill the stem cells so if the cancer went to nodes more than likely invasive, and with all certainty will return in yrs,,usually before5 yrs, The cure to cancer lies in fixing the malfunctioning immune system that caused it in the first place. So with this knowledge how can anyone trade about conventional treatments,,,that have not changed for at least 50 yrs? Most chemo s cause secondary cancers because they are carcinogenic and list it on the label. The Truth About Cancer Really Opened my eyes and my own experience, with my breast cancer coming back in Nov they I originally for in July of 2012 , now it's under my pec muscle and under my arm in the only2 nodes I had left, and I have a new lesion in my Lung now? Traditional treatment doesnt even know if my lung nodule is a new primary lung cancer or a spread of my breast cancer? They at Penn actually forgot about me for2 weeks after telling me they were going to get a biopsy of my lung,,,yelling me they couldn't take it all out too dangerous and it might be nothing? Really,,,I called radiologists who told me believe me it is something,don't know why they are saying this? Then in 2 weeks head oncologist calls saying she forgot about me only that someone questioned what happened to me that hadn't heard my name mentioned after my initial visit.? Really??? Now she called to say they can't biopsy the lung have to remove at minimum a third of my lung tho get a cent tumor,, I said no way, make your minds up will you! So she says how about we biopsy under ur muscle and arm and just forget about lung for now, so we did that in December,,,came back malignant! She's offering taxol,,,nothing else and I was on a vaccine trial prior to this and was told by that Doctor who went to Moffitt he would have a special vaccine for me and wouldn't make me travel to Florida from PA, he said he had my back don't worry,,,Dec21 now he won't even respond to me. I told this Oncologist I had a bad reaction to Taxol and there had tho be something else,,what about the trial? She said I am no longer a candidate for vaccines, I said how about Metformin or insulin potentiated chemo which only kills the cancer cells because they have10 receptors on them opposed to regular cells which only have 2 glucose receptors, get it works for their Pet Scans why not use the simular for chemo purposes,,,her response,,,I don't believe in that,,,I said well you believe in something that carpet bombs the entire already sick weak body that doesn't kill stem cells so it will return and more aggressive worth a her2 I don't need that, I suggested herceptin and pergetha now tho do something,she firmly said NO,,her way our the highway,,,the XXX egos I was warned about from my local Oncologists he just wasn't kidding! So 4 months passed and btw I got my primary to order the Pet Scan,she refused to until I could get inn for an ov. I said it had been 2 yrs Ya know since you ordered any imaging with a Stage 3b her2 es+ 20 with 9 positive nodes, she didn't care,,,refused! So now 4 months and nothing has been done for my cancer or my being body,mind,or soul! So I contacted CTCA and started that process,,,again they forgot about me for2 weeks again, all apologetic, anyway they finally take Medicare in2012 they refused me because of that! The place used to be wonderful took my Mother there when they opened in 2005 , couldn't ask for a more compassionate place. Only thing that I didn't like them was I'd you couldn't walk in the front doors without assistance they wouldn't treat you, that has changed as did alot since then. But I had to miss an appointment and I can't walk now only a few steps and they informed me I need tho hire a caregiver as they have no one to push my wheelchair no one just to get to the Doctors office, I was thinking wow ,this sucks,,,but then talked to another person and they said they didn't know why the other girl told me that,,,running into a lot of that. So since last Wednesday when I missed my appointment cause I was so upset I didn't sleep all nite even with a sleeping pill and its over an hour drive which I would have to go alone so I was worried I was just too tired and they said I would be there all day! I haven't heard back Despite 2 calls to them and an email no response yet,,,,like what's happening Monday anything? Traditional care,,,science based medicine,,,yeah right don't get me started. I feel like no one cares and from the numerous people that admitted they forgot about me and offered me one choice over the phone take out it leave it,,,I never heard of such BS! I wouldn't call HUP slim Pickens or CTCA,,BOTH WELL ESTABLISHED PLACES, I WOULD LOVE TO GO GET OXYGEN TREATMENTS WHICH STOP CANCER IN IT'S TRACTS,,,BUT NO ONE PIN THE EAST COAST WILL ORDER IT FOR ME, OR THE METFORMIN I have been asking for now for 2 yrs? I looked at the studies I that,,,seems I'd I would have taken it we wouldn't be here today, but my Oncologist wouldn't order it! Does anyone know of a open minded Oncologist or alternative doctor who treats cancer in my area . I am desperate or is anyone else from my area thinking of going to City of Hope or a Dr.Connealy in California , that would want to go with me for treatment,she just came out with the book The Cancer Resolution , supposed to have everything you need tho treat your cancer, I will be ordering that. Sorry for the long story and opinion about conventional treatments,,, I have lupus and Lymes so I cannot take radiation, Thank You All for listening to my storie here ,,,probably in the wrong place but I started out responding to the differences in conventional opposed to alternative treatments, and so true that anything in nature can't be patented so no one will put those funds up for any major studies, this is run by big Pharma as are the medical schools and the AMA and the FDA, THE VERY PEOPLE WHO TRAIN OUR DOCTORS AND ARE SUPPOSE TO PROTECT US! THIS IS AN ISSUE FOR OUR NEW PRESIDENT,,,I BELIEVE WE MUST CORRECT THIS MAJOR FLAW OUR MANY MANY COUNTLESS LIVES WILL BE LOST NOT TO MENTION THE SUFFERING. Food for thought,,,, Love & Light, Trish

      2 months ago
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    Welcome to the WhatNext family! The WhatNext family is made up of people like you who are looking for help or looking to help others. To help you along your journey the WhatNext family has put together a Beginner's Guide to Cancer that I highly recommend you check-out here: http://bit.ly/10BQKCi. Also, please do not hesitate to reach out to others or ask for help.

    Wishing you the best.

    Founder, WhatNexter