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    Oh No (Diagnosed): Yes, it was quite a while ago. I do remember Dr. W going over the different kinds/levels/severities of MS. He had covered from the very aggressive and constant progressive kind all the way down to the type where a patient would present with enough symptoms to basically be diagnosed but then may never have another symptom ever again. I requested that one. "That's the one I want." We decided it was RRMS (Relapsing-Remitting MS). Early on I went from brushing the door frame as I walked into or out of a room to walking with a cane, then a walker, then not at all for a little while. That was the relapsing, then came the remitting. I went from bed to walking with a walker, a cane and then without the cane. The years passed and passed. I am in my 17th year with MS. I still drive. I always use a walker (rollator). I can't walk very far at all. My legs get extremely tired too quickly. And there you have it.