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    Hi Francie, Sorry to hear of your loss, May the love that surrounds you be a source of comfort at this time.

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    shorsegirl24, Hi, Wanted to find out how your dad is doing with the care. My husband at 69 on July 1st found out he has liver cancer the same as you day, along with cirrhosis of the liver. His cancer is on the outside of his liver. No treatment as of yet for him. We are both just taking one day at a time. I'm sending you good wishes and hope you both are doing ok.

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    Hi Contico58, My husband has stage IV B liver cancer which we just found out on July 1st. No treatment for him as yet. We've been married for over 40 years. We just stay strong through this. The friends that do still stay in touch as well as family ask me, how do you do it. My answer is, what choices do you have? We just keep hoping that something happens and some type of treatment can begin for him. Today, we went to the movies and seen "The Expendables 3", for a couple of hours our mind was on the movie. Even when he took a few minutes napping it's ok. This sure has been a roller coaster of a ride. Who knew.......Keep the faith...

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    sugar and cancer

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      ACS also won't say there is a connection between food and disease - I call that stupid!!

      over 7 years ago
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      ACS is just a fraud and a Business....I wouldn't believe anything they say.

      over 7 years ago
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      Sugar is bad for our bodies in too many ways to simply list here.....it is better if we are all away from it, that’s it! Good that your husband isn’t using it much, anything in moderation is probably tolerable but it is better to stick with protein, vegetables, healthy stuff like that if possible. Good luck and God bless!!!!

      over 7 years ago
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    Question: sugar and cancer

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    Thanks walshmeister, I loved your message. Wish my husband had this outlook.