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    To day , I Thought I'd Go Fishing , Yet Just As I Got A Thinking , I Decided No , But I Found This Site And Pleased lam To Venture On .....

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    Thanks For Stopp'n By ..... Always A Blessing To Hear Encouraging Words .... Yes Indeed , Its On ! ....

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    Oh No (Diagnosed): After Being Rushed into The ER. Several Hours Of On-Going Test , Having Severe Upper Body Pains .... I Was Told More Testing Is Needed . Doctors Did Say I Had Enlarged Lymphnodes And That I Also Have A Very Large Mass In My Stomach Area

    My Venture In The Hospital Lasted 4 Days As I Had I A Stint Put In Place Because The Mass Is Very Large And Actually Almost Crushing My Drain Tube... Although More Test Are Needed I Was Sent Home .

    Waiting To Hear For Scheduling Of A Biopsy I was Rushed Back Into The Hospital With A 105 Temp ....This Time My Venture Once Again Extended My Stay 5 Days , Where I Had A Very Long Surgery , ....... Had My Gal-Bladder Removed , A Biopsy Of The Mass / Tumor , A Port Put In So I Can Receive Chemotherapy Only A Day Before , On June 7th Doctors Had My Diagnoses , ..... Because Of My Wife's And I Annervarsary Being On The 7th .... Dr's Said Lets Meet Tomorrow , We'll Give You The Day Off .....

    The Next Morning Came , .. And Around 11:00 am My World Fell Into Shambles , In Distraught , Mentally Numb ...... They Announced ...... " You Have Lymphoma Cancer "

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