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    Hey! It's been forever since we've chatted. Congrats on the expected grandbaby. I'm watching my youngest right now. She's 8 mths already. I think time flies faster with grandchildren. Time for you to stock up on baby supplies. Glad to see that you are feeling well. Later, MLT

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    Hi Carool - read your comments on the "Politics" page and agreed with ALL of them. You go, girl! Some people will feel like they're being attacked if you just mention their name...paranoia lives. But you were right on target with your comments, to me.

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    Question: last one

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    I know some of you aren't crazy for "pinktober", but I LOVE PINK, so am thrilled to now own a pink bug. If the pink ribbons on the back windows encourage any woman to remember to get a mammogram, that's a good thing!

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      In youth, we discovered that VW Bugs are (were?) watertight. There was a steep hill, a narrow valley, and another steep hill on a back roadway not far from where we were moored. Upon coming to shore, in the winter, when it was raining, if Ebenezer was about we would all crowd into his bug and drive the back road to the grocery store.

      Ebenezer would make sure everybody had their windows tightly rolled up and then he would gun the car up the first hill. We would fly and then plop upon the water where the momentum would float and carry us over the water filled depression to the next hill where we would regain road, go down that hill, turn around and do it all over again and again and over and over, laughing uproariously sometimes for a good part of an afternoon.

      about 1 month ago
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      Nice care, Yay You!

      about 1 month ago
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      In the late 50's my parents had a pink Dodge with big fins. My mother loved it as pink was her favorite color.

      about 1 month ago
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    Hi, Ydnar2xer. I saw a post from you. It's nice to see you again. I always appreciated your wisdom.