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    Triple Negative-taking Tamoxifien

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      I have TNBC and was told that there is no medication at this time that could help or would work towards fighting the cancer. I have heard good and bad things about Tamoxifien, (for patients who are positive) I wouldn't take it if it wasn't geared toward fighting my type of cancer, esp if the side effects aren't pleasant. But best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do.

      about 8 years ago
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      If an oncologist at MD Anderson gave it to you, there's a good reason. Are you referring to % ER or PR positive cells? I'd say any percentage of malignant cells the Tamoxifen can stop from growing that's great.

      about 8 years ago
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      Submitted IHC slides show the tumor cells on the biopsy specimen are positive for estrogen receptor (15%, weak stain) and low positive
      progesterone receptor (5%, weak stain) and equivocal for Her2/neu (2+). The tumor cells show high proliferative index (Ki67: 60%)

      Here is my report! When it got read here in town, my estrogen receptor was 7%

      about 8 years ago
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    So glad you found me, u live in Evansville as well??? Such a small world!!!

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    I need to know if there is anybody else on here that has triple Negative Breast Cancer under 35??? I'm trying so hard to find somebody so I can ask some questions!!! Thanks

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    Hi TuffChick37, I am also triple negative!! Wondering what kind of treatment you had? I had 6 rounds of chemo taxotere and cytoxan. I had both breast removed and reconstruction. Also I see you live in Texas, have you been to MD Anderson? I'm thinking about making a trip to that hospital to get some more suggestions on triple negative. I was 29 when I found out. I'm not a year out of finishing chemo. I've done a lot of reading of triple negative and I know it's a less commen type of cancer and it mostly gets diagnosed in african american, and hispanic women, which I'm neither. So I'm really looking for somebody else's take on this. thanks for reading and hope you are doing well!!
    Hugs Misty

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    I have triple (-). I have had both breast removed and have since gotten implants. I'm done with everything. Finsihed chemo 11 months ago. Hope all is going well with you: -)

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      Thanks. I get these annoying expanders out (and my implants in) in July. I have had so much pain with these expanders that I can't wait until they are out. After that I will be done with everything too! :) take care!

      almost 9 years ago