Ovarian Cancer Videos - kalindria

Ovarian Cancer Survivor Kalindria

Watch as Kalindria takes us through her journey with ovarian cancer.

Kalindria talks about her life before cancer and how the diagnosis changed her whole life and direction. She describes how she had no idea that she could have such a serious illness like ovarian cancer, and the symptoms that finally led her to seek help.

Kalindria's Ovarian Cancer Journey - Part II More about the first diagnosis, going through treatments and thinking that she's done and can move on with life only to find another diagnosis.

Kalindria's Ovarian Cancer Journey - Part III
Kalindria shares her experiences of dealing with a second diagnosis, the fears, emotions, and questions that circle around having to fight it again, and things that everyone should consider about their life when confronted with a life threatening illness.

Kalindria's Ovarian Cancer Journey - Part IV
Kalindria talks about finding WhatNext online and registering, how it has helped her through her journey, and how she has been able to help others at the same time. Side effects, symptoms and other need-to-know items are talked about. Take a look at Part IV of her inspiring story and please share with anyone you know that is going through their own fight.

Kalindria's Ovarian Cancer Journey - Part V
Kalindria closes out her experiences with ovarian cancer, two diagnoses, multiple surgeries, procedures, treatments, uncertainties, emotions, doubts, and positive thoughts and courage. Take a look at her last video in her series and then drop by www.WhatNext.com to register, and share your inspiring cancer story. Your experiences, painful as they may be, can inspire and help thousands of people that will walk the same path after you.