Skin Cancer, Stage IV Melanoma Videos - SandiA

Stage IV Melanoma Survivor SandiA

Watch as SandiA takes us through her journey with skin cancer.

SandiA - Stage IV Melanoma - Part I Sandi talks about her life before cancer. Many cancer patients and survivors will tell you "when a person gets cancer, the whole family gets cancer". The entire family's lives are changed in order to take care of the patient. Watch her video, then click on the rest of her videos in this series to see her description of her entire journey.

SandiA - Stage IV Melanoma - Part II SandiA talks about her symptoms that led her to seek help and her surprise that she could have cancer. She describes how she had no idea that she could have such a serious illness like stage IV melanoma, and the symptoms that finally led her to seek help. Her dogs Buddy and Maddux join her for support.

SandiA - Stage IV Melanoma - Part III Sandi describes some of the side effects that she had after treatments started, how she coped with some of them and some tips for coping.

SandiA - Stage IV Melanoma - Part IV The Benefits of Joining WhatNext Sandi describes how she found the WhatNext site shortly after her diagnosis and how it helped her to cope with everything she was going through. She also talks about how she now tries to help others that are just now being diagnosed and starting to go through some of the same things that she did at the beginning of her own diagnosis.

SandiA - Stage IV Melanoma - Part V Dealing With The Hardships of Cancer Sandi describes some of the hardships of life while dealing with cancer, treatments, surgery, and everything that goes with a cancer diagnosis, and the difficulties of trying to go about life at the same time.

SandiA - Stage IV Melanoma - Part VI Her Current Prognosis and Outlook on Life Sandi describes her current prognosis, her Doctor's expectations, her outlook on life and what it's like to go through life waiting for another diagnosis. Planning little trips and doing things that you want to do are not automatic after a cancer diagnosis, moving in to cancer survivorship is challenging, and she explains why.

SandiA - Stage IV Melanoma - Part VII Things I've Learned Throughout My Journey Sandi tells us about some of the things that she has learned about herself and life in general during her cancer journey.