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How to Change Email Notifications From WhatNext

We sometimes get emails from people wanting to change the frequency of the emails that they get from the WhatNext site. This is very easy to do, and this video tutorial will give you simple instructions on how to change the frequency or stop all of the notifications.

How to Add a Cancer Diagnosis Type to Your Diagnosis Profile

When making your Profile Page when you registered on WhatNext, you were asked to select a diagnosis type. If you didn't add a diagnosis, or if you need to add another diagnosis in the case of people that have been diagnosed with more than one type of cancer, or if you just need to edit or delete a diagnosis, this tutorial video will explain how to do that.

How to Add a Photo to Your WhatNext Homepage Profile

We encourage you to add a photo or graphic to your homepage in place of the generic icon that is provided. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! If you don't want to add a picture of yourself, add a picture of your pet, a nice landscape picture of a place that you love, or just the cancer ribbon for your type of cancer. Use your imagination and post whatever you like. Here is a video to show you how to add a photo or graphic.

After watching the video, just-CLICK HERE- to go to the signup page at WhatNext and instantly connect with others that are in the same fight as you are. Connect, compare stories, learn from each other, ask questions, give answers, browse through thousands of inspiring pages of cancer survivors that are happy to help you along your own journey.

WhatNext is home to over 50,000 patients, survivors, caregivers, and family. You will be able to browse through their cancer experience history to see what kind of treatment someone had who has the same type of cancer as you and with the same stage of cancer. Read about their procedures, treatments, medications taken and how they feel they handled them. Then use the search tool to find someone with exactly the same diagnosis and stage as you. Connect with them and chat to get support or the information you need.

Do you have experience with cancer? Join now to share your journey!

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Do you have an inspiring cancer story to share? You can contact us to get details on how we can help you share your story to inspire others. Your fight, your experiences, your success and even some of your defeats are inspiration to someone who has just been diagnosed. E-Mail Us For Details About Sharing Your Own Video