Change in Appetite - Breast Cancer – Marnie C

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Video Transcription

I expected to lose my appetite when I was going through chemotherapy. I expected to be extremely ill. But as I said, I was busy detoxing through the whole thing. I never threw up once. In fact, I had a ravenous appetite. People couldn’t believe it. I would wake up in the middle of the night and be so hungry and have to go eat half a banana or something, just to make it through till- till breakfast the next day. I did have green moments moments when I thought, ew, not feelin’ so good here, but I’d just sit down and do somethin’ creative and- and that got me through it very nicely. So, yeah, appetite comes and goes. I noticed that on the days of the infusion I had to eat kind of lightly. But as I said, I never- I never threw up once. The antiemetic drugs they gave me were extremely efficient and worked very well. And I think because I was doing all that detoxing at the same time, I just-- I was extremely well through the whole procedure.