Change In Appetite - Breast Cancer - Nancy G

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Video Transcription

I experienced a change in my appetite during my treatment. When I first had my surgery when I was recovering I was craving things that I wouldn't normally crave like McDonald's chicken nuggets and Kraft blue box macaroni and cheese and these are foods I never ate before. After my treatment I could not even think about eating those foods because it just reminds me of being sick. During chemotherapy my taste buds were kind of out of whack. Everything tasted a little bit off and I had just a metallic taste in my mouth most of the time so I resorted to eating foods that were either very spicy or very sweet because those seemed to be the only things that I could actually taste. I ate a lot of Mexican food and I ate a lot of cupcakes and since I didn't have the nausea and vomiting I actually gained about 12 pounds during chemotherapy so I didn't have a loss of appetite; I actually had kind of a gain of appetite.