Coping with Change - Breast Cancer – Marnie C

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Video Transcription

My suggestion for coping with all of the changes that cancer can bring to us is to learn meditation. It is the single thing that made the biggest difference to me. Let's face it. Life is stressful enough, and all you got to do is add in a cancer diagnosis, and your stress can go right off the charts. And as a cancer patient that's the last thing your immune system needs, is more stress. So I highly recommend that you learn how to meditate. Find a class, learn how to do it. There's some great things online that will teach you meditation. I'm just about to release a series of meditation downloads from my Web site that you can use as resources. If you can step away from stress for, you know, half an hour at a time and quiet your mind and body, it is a really wonderful, healing thing to do.