Gifts For Cancer Patients - Colorectal Cancer – Jayme W

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Video Transcription

Great gifts for people with cancer who are going through treatment are lotions. I love lotion. I went through so much lotion it was just craziness or even better yet, those really thick body butters, the thicker the better. When you're going through chemo and radiation, you are dry. You are so, so dry. Your hands, your feet, everything, and then if you're lucky enough to go through treatment in the wintertime, you're extra, super dry. So lotion is a wonderful gift for people who are going through treatment. Another thing is like warm, fuzzy socks, because if they’re experiencing their neuropathy, then they’re experiencing really cold feet and really cold hands. Cute gloves, cute scarves, cute hats, cute fuzzy little slippers, those are all great gifts. Another thing that I got during treatment that I was just amazed by, was locally where I live there's a group that gets together, it’s a prayer group, and they met at Panera and they sent me a gift basket. So maybe if somebody at your work is going through this or somebody that you know, somehow I don’t know. But it was a group of ladies and they sent me a gift basket and it was 15 individually wrapped little tiny travel things. Just little tiny gifts and there was a little angel figurine, there were little lotions, little hand sanitizers, I had some Kleenex’, lots of things I could throw in my ileostomy travel bag and take with me, lots of things I could take to my treatments, just random things, travel sized things. But each day it came with a card, so each day for 15 days, you were to unwrap one of the gifts from the basket, and I took it to school and I let the kids participate in that as well. Each day someone got to select a different gift out, and then we unwrapped it together. And it was kind of really exciting to see what’s the gift of the day, and that was just amazing to me. Here’s this whole group of people that I don’t know, and to this day, I still haven't met any of them, but they knew that I was going through this. They knew a friend of mine, a co-worker, and so they decided that this was something they were going to do, and I’m so so appreciative of it. So if you can do that for somebody, I highly recommend doing that for someone. Another thing I received a lot of was cards. Very simple thing, you know, pick up a card when you're at the store. Pick up a card when you run to Wal-Mart or the grocery or whatever. Cards were great. I got a lot of cards from family, from friends, from co-workers, from people I didn't even know. Groups-- there are lots of groups out there that do card showers and things like that They do service projects, so if you know somebody who is going through treatment, you might want to give their name to a group like that who sends cards randomly. It’s really kind of fun to get a card from somebody and go, oh gosh, wow, somebody’s praying for me today, somebody’s thinking about me today. There was a student that I had, a former student, and her mom sent me a card a week. I could definitely always count on getting at least a card a week from her, and that was really special to me, so when she graduated last year I was more than happy to be at her graduation because you know, that was something they did with me along the way. Picking out cards and sending me a card every week that I was in treatment to make sure that I was doing okay and to let me know that they were thinking of me at that time. Sounds kind of self-centered, but you know, to know that somebody’s thinking of you. That's a really important thing when you're going through treatment and feeling kind of alone. The best thing that I got, hands down the best thing I got, was visits from friends. I had friends from out of state, I had friends from, you know, far and near who would come and spend the day with me. Come spend some time with me and spending that time together was like I said, by and far the most precious gift, way better than anything tangible.