Lowest Point - Myelodysplastic Syndrome – Kirby S

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Video Transcription

The lowest point in my MDS journey was about two months after being diagnosed. I had been unable to participate in a clinical trial and we were told that we should go home and be close to our friends and get things in order. So it appeared at that time there was no good treatment for my disease. But, again, studying the Internet and returning home, I found a wonderful doctor and we were able to start the treatment with thalidomide and I had very good results. So I got through that low point. Again, we tried to stay positive, be with our friends. Don't forget the power of prayer in dealing with all these situations. So that was the low point. Since then, I have done very well, and while there's been occasional downturns, we've been able to get through those. Following the low point, as I've been treated over the years, I found it's like a roller coaster ride. You'll have real highs when your counts are good, you're responding good to the medication. When the drugs seem to lose their ability to work and you may have to change, then it's kind of like you're going downhill and you're hoping there's an uphill portion to come. And so I've been through several of these up and down roller coaster rides. So to me it's always kind of like you're riding a roller coaster, but try to stay positive and there will be another hill to get you high in the future.