Lowest Point - Prostate Cancer - Ross K

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Video Transcription

My lowest emotional point in my journey was probably at the meeting with the doctor when he said that he felt that my disease was ominous; that there could be cancer beyond the prostate, and suddenly you begin to think about the fact that maybe you’re not going to live through this process, that maybe this will in fact be the ending of your life. Your concern at that point, and your concern for your spouse, and a lot of questions that go through your mind at that point make it a very difficult time. I found that the high points for me came after the radiation when I began to go to the oncologist and get blood test reports back and were reporting that my PSA had lowered and was now down to a less than .08 which is a negligible amount. The current condition, my last PSA test was just a month ago, and at that time it was a minus .08 and the terms that the test used said that there was no residual disease. So, those are the high points that make you feel like you have conquered this evil and insidious disease that you don’t even know is in your body working on you.